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One of my buds suggested a drinking game in honor of the debate tonight.  It turns out there are several all over the web.  Here are a few of my favorites:

The Official Vice Presidental Debate Drinking Game

Palin-Biden Debate Drinking Game Begins Now!

Vice Presidential Debate Drinking Game 2008:  Palin v. Biden

Sarah Palin Vice-Presidential Debate Drinking Game

A VP Debate Drinking Game

The best part is that you don’t have to belong to any particular political persuasion to enjoy the games!

OK, I know what you’re all thinking.  Which game will Wanda be playing tonight?  I think I’ll choose game #2.  It seems like the one least likely to cause blindness.  Let’s just hope I don’t get to the lightening bonus round.

You should probably check by later for some interesting comments by moi.



  1. There’s Palin Debate Bingo too.

    I’m trying to decide if properly mocking this wretched creature will make up for the paralyzing migraine I’ll have tomorrow. To my everlasting shame, I am leaning toward yes.

  2. I’ll make the sacrifice Tigereye. I’ll drink enough for both of us.

  3. Scranton!

  4. Should I drink when she says “bless their hearts”?

    Of course I should.

  5. Reared that head!

  6. She called him Senator O’Biden!


  7. Nu-kew-lu1r!

  8. Condescending chuckle from O’Biden!

  9. I think I’m making these rules up as I go along.

  10. Some of her best friends are gay!

  11. Gwen Iffel has man hands.

  12. Are you drunk blogging, Wanders?

    I think Palin is drunk debating calling Sen. Biden O’Biden.

  13. I’ll drink to that.

  14. New-cu-lur!

  15. OK. This debate is boring the crap out of me. Wake me up when something exciting happens.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted October 3, 2008 at 4:59 am
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    That’s sooo wrong what you said about Iffel, though. She had on a purty jacket though.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted October 3, 2008 at 5:02 am
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    And why can’t any of these republican slutcrackers pronounce ‘nuclear’ right? It’s not that phucking hard!!!??!

    P.S. Do you think Palin wants to shoot Wolf Blitzer?

    ^ Sorry.

  16. I don’t know but I sure want to punch her in the throat.

    She’s a maverick!

  17. Teehee! Drink and blog? Never thought of that! Now THAT’S quality entertainment!

  18. Hi Jaded!

    I also want to say that I’m offically in love with an older man. Biden getting choked up talking about his son was brilliant!

  19. Gawd, Wanda. What’s your head feel like today? 🙂


    I ♥ your drunked bloggin’ commentary Wanders 🙂

  21. I can’t decide if I want to beat this mouthpiece senseless with a. a hockey stick, b. a mounted moose head, or c. one of her own children.

  22. I only watched so I could play the bingo game my daughter sent me. I think drinking through it would have been a lot more fun.

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