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Category Archives: Celebrities Must Die

Be gentle with her folks:

The bad news is that some of the delphi slags have already left questions and they’ve been removed. 

I have an idea.  If your comments get removed you can post them here.  Maybe Miranda herself will grace us with her presence!  Imagine the possibilities….


Yesterday I said I was going on a hunger strike until Orlando broke up with his dingo.  Today I read this article.  Who says he doesn’t read my blog! Read More »

You know folks, I’ve been thinking about all this Miranda and Orlando stuff. Maybe we’ve all been too hard on her. I can totally see why Orlando would dig her, don’t you? I mean, not only is she the superest supermodel ever, she’s also a scholar and an authoress

And how many of you can say you graduated from such a stellar institution as John Fielder’s Academy of Natural Living?  I know I can’t.  All I did was go to law school.  Everyone hates lawyers, but who doesn’t love an underwear model, right?

So I can understand why Orlando would want that.  If I were a guy I’d totally be hitting that four times a day and….

GAAAAAHHHHHHH!  I can’t do this.

Orlando, I don’t care if that was you that stopped by yesterday.  I just can’t do this.  Don’t get me wrong, I still want to fark you and everything, but I’ve had it with your dingo girlfriend.  It’s bad enough that they’re writing news articles about her every gd day, now I come home and find Mr. Rizzuto Googling her.  I am so getting a divorce.  I’ve had it.

There’s a Motley Crue video on VH1 classic.  Maybe I’ll go back to Nikki Sixx.  I think he kicked heroin again.  Yeah, I think I’ll see what Nikki’s up to.

Why Miranda? Why?

First, you fark my boyfriend. It’s cool, he doesn’t actually know I exist so I suppose he has to fark someone. Then I have to delete all my Google alerts because you keep turning up in them. And OK, so they’re saying that you’re about to get engaged. Again, it’s cool. It had to happen sooner or later. Did I jump on the Miranda Haters bandwagon?  Noooo.  Hell, I even wrote a semi-supportive post about how unfair it was to call you a cabbage.  Then, I read this.  Writing a book, eh?  For teenage girls?  

*sigh*  Read More »

I was talking to an Hispanic colleague a couple of years ago about how much she hated Jennifer Lopez.  JLo doesn’t have the same experiences that your average Latina woman has, and my colleague, Amy, resented the fact that JLo was held up as the shining example of what Hispanic women are supposed to be.  I should point out that Amy is a very well-educated woman who also happens to be a department head at a large New York City universtiy.  Now there’s a role model. Read More »