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I’m fascinated by this preacher I see on the Staten Island Ferry every morning. He’s a little African preacher. He calls himself that. He says that even if you don’t want to listen to him on you way to work you’ll remember “this little African preacher” fo shiz on Judgment Day. Before the ferry arrives he stands in the terminal going on about Jesus and eternal damnation and such. Then he gets on the ferry and preaches some more. I imagine he does this all day long, back and forth. Or at least all morning, because I never see him on the way home. Read More »


This morning I woke up with a nasty cold.  It was  bound to happen, everyone in the house has been sick for days.  But duty called, so off to work I went.  When I got to the Staten Island Ferry I noticed an unusually large number of school-aged children.  At first I thought it was a class trip, but then I realized that they were all wearing a similar uniform.  Of course, today was the ticker tape parade for the Giants.

Don’t misunderstand, I support the team.  If it were the Yankees I might just have been out there with them.  It’s just that I was sick, and I was in no mood to hear a few hundred people screaming “LET’S GO GIANTS” in my ear for 30 minutes.  The worst part was that since I was sick I came home early and had to ride the boat with more Giants fans on the way home. Read More »