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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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So, I was supposed to close on my house today.  It didn’t happen because my mortgage broker is a dumbass.  So are the people we’re buying the house from.

The sellers are broke.  I’m not sure if they started out that way, but they are now.  They had to have the septic tank inspected and that ended up costing them $7000.  They’re kind of upset about that, but I think they should look on the bright side, right?  I mean, at least it wasn’t me. Read More »

I am in hell.  I’m supposed to be closing on my new house Monday and I’m still fooling around with the mortgage company.  Assholes.  The broker got into a fight with the real estate agent today and I just know that no matter how much money I bring to closing they’re gonna jack me for a few extra thousand dollars.    Do I look like I have a few extra thousand dollars?  As it is I’m going through the couch cushions. Read More »

I was telling Shawn and Tigereye that I seem to be the only person on the internet who isn’t posting a tribute to George Carlin. I get it, he was funny, he was edgy. He was brilliant and most other comics weren’t fit to shine his shoes. I get it. But I’m sorry, this routine bothered me:

(It’s long, but if you go to about minute 1:30 you’ll see what I’m talking about.)

Yes, context is everything, I get that too. But did the audience? It seems like he was giving them permission to say nigger, and they seemed way to happy about it. I never felt comfortable with George Carlin after this. Sorry.

OK, he was great in Car Wash.

How many times in a person’s life can she be tagged?  Don’t you guys already know everything about me?  Oy.

Janers didn’t leave any instructions so I just copied her questions. Read More »