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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Thanks for asking.

My mother called me at work this morning. My mother is the most hysterical person on the face of the earth. She and my dad live in Texas these days. Being so far away from my brother and me gives her endless opportunities to fret over nothing. When I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing. If she hears about something bad happening in New York, no matter how far away the trouble is from either of us, the whole family gets a series of hysterical phone calls until she’s sure that everyone is accounted for.

As you’ve probably heard, there was another crane crash in New York today. Unfortunately for me, it was on the Upper East Side, which is where my brother lives. Now, I’m not a bad sister. If I had thought for one single second that my brother was involved I would have been beside myself. But how many people live in the neighborhood? Thousands? Tens of thousands? What are the odds?

So mom called me at work. At this point I was only vaguely aware of the accident.  Her tone of voice suggested that someone had recently died and she was calling to give me the news. Read More »


…I’ve been a little bitchy lately.  Or so it would seem from my latest posts and comments I’ve left around the internets.  Let’s just say I’m not myself these days, K?

Here, have some Amy Winehouse for your troubles.

So now Geraldine Ferraro saysshe may not vote for Barack Obama because he’s a “sexist.”   Hillary Clinton is a victim of sexism, which is why she won’t win the nomination.  She’s not the only one, there are scores of women who are so pissed off that Clinton is about to have the nomination “stolen” from her that they’re beginning to mobilize.  I have a few words for these women. Read More »

My bud Anners loves this band called Interpol.  I used to feel all old and crappy because I didn’t know who they were, but then I found out that no one knew who they were except Anners and about 6 other people who visit her blog.  Actually, it’s probably a few more than that because I’ve had a few people find my blog by typing things like “Interpol” and “Paul Banks tattoo.” Read More »

I was on my way to work the other day and I was thinking that I hadn’t posted about Orlando in a while.  Yes, he’s still ignoring me despite my best efforts.  There’s also nothing going on with him these days, not a sighting, no gossip, nothing.

That’s what I was thinking, right before all hell broke loose.  You see, Orlando was seen kanoodling (is that a word?) with some nobody celebretard, NOT MIRANDA!  O, treachery!  The message boards suddenly came alive again, and oh what a time we had! Read More »