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Monthly Archives: December 2007

So Jamie Lynn, I hear you went and ruined your life. Congratulations on that. Pregnant at sixteen, who would have guessed? Not you or your boyfriend. No, you guys were “shocked.” Read More »


I want to get one thing straight on the outset: I do not squee. I have never squeed in my life, not even once.

As you know, I’ve been wandering the internet trying to find Orlando Bloom for a while now. I’ve slacked off a little bit lately, and he hasn’t answered any of my letters. I thought the “dick in a box” thing would get his attention for sure, but no such luck. So I’ve made it my new year’s resolution to find him, come hell or high water. Read More »

I’ve been a bad netizen.  My reader is overflowing with all of your excellent posts and I’ve barely been around to read or comment. 

Alas, the holidays are upon us.  This means that I’ve been alternately avoiding my houseguests (mom and dad) and swilling cocktails.  Things will only get worse once the weekend hits.  I’ve barely even shopped yet!

So if I don’t see you, have a happy happy!

I have a couple of pictures of Orlando taped to the wall in my office.  A person needs inspiration every now and then, doesn’t she?  The females in the office tend to ooh and aah over him quite a bit, but the men always say the same thing:  he’s gay.

Why does everyone keep saying that?  He is not!

I think they’re just jealous of his excellent bone structure and fabulous hair.  That’s what it is. Read More »

My excellent friend Danners wrote a post about The Skinny Website a few days ago.  I had never heard of this site before, but based on Danners’ (and others’) remarks, I knew I just had to have a look and, ahem, weigh in on the subject.

The Skinny Website claims to be the “FIRST and ORIGINAL celebrity diet and weight gossip site.”  Why the world needs such a thing is completely beyond me, but since they claim to have had over 21 million visitors, I guess I’m just not that smart.  What the site really is is a bunch of pictures of movies stars showing their fat, lack of fat, cellulite, and alleged pregnancy “bumps”.  Visitors are invited to remark on the pictures.

The site owner developed The Skinny Website because, according to her, she’s addicted to celebrity gossip, and since everyone else is breaking on celebrities anyway, why not have fun with it?  Why not, indeed.   

This person purports to take a passive role in the goings-on on her website.  It’s not her problem if people leave nasty comments about celebrities and speculate about their mental or physical health.  There’s even a disclaimer about it.  She’s not a dietician.  Not a mental health professional.  It’s just facts and speculation, she “make(s) no claims and guarantee(s) nothing!”  Read More »