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Greetings and salutations! Sorry for forgetting to post for the last zillion years, but you know how it is. You guys were starting to bore me, that’s how it is.  Also I didn’t feel like paying to keep my domain name anymore so here we are back at our humble WordPress beginnings.

While you hobags were camped out on Just Jared debating the finer points of dingho husbandry my co-slag Ducati and I went to see Romeo and Juliet. Ducati said I had to post about it because I had been away for so long. She also thinks you shady bitches won’t believe that we really went if I don’t post pictures, so there you go.

So first of all what had happened was that I bought this really hot bustier online. I say it was hot but it was really pretty tasteful as far as bustiers go. It would have been anyway, but when it arrived it was waaaaaay small. It was so small that I could only button the top two buttons. I decided to wear it anyway with a tank top underneath because I’m adventurous like that. Mr. R. saw me trying it on and said that it looked like a vest, and that I couldn’t wear it anywhere unless he was around. So I did what any obedient wife would do, I put it on, wore my jacket around until it was time to leave, then I left.

I’m just telling you this because as you can imagine the entire episode was one great big wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.
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Remember the night the fangirls had a party on my blog and scared all my non-fandumb visitors away?  Look for a rare cameo appearance by Mr. Rizzuto!


I’ve had a couple of requests to post more often, but I’m lazy and uninspired.  I promised Sadie Jo I’d do a post about some of Whorely’s films.  In the meantime, I thought I’d link you up to some oldies but goodies.  First up, An Exclusive Interview with Miranda Kerr.

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