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(Editorial note:  Wanda is a very busy bee folks, so I’ve recycled a post.  My apologies if you’ve read this elsewhere.) 

My husband, Mr. Rizzuto, is going to photograph a sweet sixteen party in a couple of months. For some reason he thinks that he (and, well, I) should watch “My Super Sweet Sixteen” on MTV. Research and all that.  The only time I ever watched this show was when I was stuck between seminars at a conference in Seattle this past summer. For those of you who are unfamiliar, every episode follows an enormously bratty, rich spoiled kid while he/she/it plans the ultimate Super Sweet Sixteen party. The children demand the hottest party in (whatever city) with the biggest Hummer, the bestest venue and the famousest rock star/rapper in MTV-land.  And a Mercedes. Read More »


So Jamie Lynn, I hear you went and ruined your life. Congratulations on that. Pregnant at sixteen, who would have guessed? Not you or your boyfriend. No, you guys were “shocked.” Read More »