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Too angry to type.  Jaded said is best here.

Fuck you, Whorelando Bloom, and the horse you rode in on.



It’s a new record folks!  Usually when the pitiful engagement rumors come out it takes at least a day or two before they’re shot down again.  But not today!  Today the denials were on my Google alerts before my eyes made a full 360 in my head.  One the headlines even said that the engagement rumors were confirmed, and when I clicked on it it said they were denied.  What kinda shit is that? Read More »

OK, not live exactly.

Some of you might know my excellent friend Vy from the comments she’s made here and elsewhere.  Yesterday Vy took one for the team and worked as an extra on the set of Orlando Bloom’s new film, Sympathy For Delicious.  I invited her to guest blog for me and tell us how it went.

I want to thank Vy so, so, soooo much, not only for the  pictures and including us in her adventure, but also for staying up until 4 a.m. writing this post!

I also want to reiterate that the post and pictures belong to Vy, so please no poaching without her permission, K?  If you want to use the pics shoot me an e-mail ( and I’ll ask her for you.  Otherwise feel free to link a sister up!

Thanks again Vy, you so totally rock!  I feel like all us fat jellis haters were there with you! Read More »