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Hi folks,

My excellent friend Joders gave me some pics I thought you might like.  Please dig Australia’s most favorite supermodel and the face of David Jones… Read More »


Several years back I had a co-worker who was from Australia.  He told us that Australia was a really racist country, so I never really had any desire to go there.  Then I met my blogmates Joders and Janers. Read More »

I watched A Cry In The Dark today.  OK, not the whole thing.  I just wanted to see the part when Meryl Streep said “a dingo took my baby!”  I’ve never seen the movie before.

This reminded me of Joders, who said that she could never wear a t-shirt that said “A Dingo Took My Baby” because she lives in Australia and she’d be tarred and feathered.  I don’t really understand why that is.  Maybe I should watch the rest of the movie. Read More »