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This morning I woke up with a nasty cold.  It was  bound to happen, everyone in the house has been sick for days.  But duty called, so off to work I went.  When I got to the Staten Island Ferry I noticed an unusually large number of school-aged children.  At first I thought it was a class trip, but then I realized that they were all wearing a similar uniform.  Of course, today was the ticker tape parade for the Giants.

Don’t misunderstand, I support the team.  If it were the Yankees I might just have been out there with them.  It’s just that I was sick, and I was in no mood to hear a few hundred people screaming “LET’S GO GIANTS” in my ear for 30 minutes.  The worst part was that since I was sick I came home early and had to ride the boat with more Giants fans on the way home. Read More »


One evening in the Rizzutos’ living room…

Wanda Rizzuto:  Honey, what time is your friend coming over…Oh!  Orlando?  What are you doing here?  Now’s really not a good time….

Orlando Bloom:  Hi Winnie!

WR:  It’s Wanda.

Mr. Rizzuto:  It’s OK Wanda-poo, I invited him.

WR:  You what?

MR:  I invited him here to watch the Super Bowl. Read More »