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OK, I totally stole that title from Anners.  I steal everything from Anners because she’s brilliant.  That’s why I make fun of her a lot, it’s jealousy.

Anyway, I’m posting pictures from my super-secret internet group’s convention.  See if you can match the body parts with the blog. Read More »


My excellent friend Pandemonic has a plan afoot to help me snag Orlando.  Do you see what a great example she’s setting for the rest of you?  What a great friend she is!  She is so excellent and creative!

I should point out that I have no idea what her plan is, I only know that it requires good weather.  I suspect my ass might end up on display at a county fair or something.  We’ll see.

Anyway Pan, don’t worry about him jetting off to England.  He’s a kazillioaire, he can fly his ass back if he has to.