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If you slags haven’t yet found Kate Bosworth, you are so missing out.

No, not that Kate Bosworth.  This one. Read More »


Hi guys,

I’m a little busy these days, so rather than leave you hanging I thought I’d post some pictures of Orly and his girlfriend.  Enjoy! Read More »

My excellent friend Danners wrote a post about The Skinny Website a few days ago.  I had never heard of this site before, but based on Danners’ (and others’) remarks, I knew I just had to have a look and, ahem, weigh in on the subject.

The Skinny Website claims to be the “FIRST and ORIGINAL celebrity diet and weight gossip site.”  Why the world needs such a thing is completely beyond me, but since they claim to have had over 21 million visitors, I guess I’m just not that smart.  What the site really is is a bunch of pictures of movies stars showing their fat, lack of fat, cellulite, and alleged pregnancy “bumps”.  Visitors are invited to remark on the pictures.

The site owner developed The Skinny Website because, according to her, she’s addicted to celebrity gossip, and since everyone else is breaking on celebrities anyway, why not have fun with it?  Why not, indeed.   

This person purports to take a passive role in the goings-on on her website.  It’s not her problem if people leave nasty comments about celebrities and speculate about their mental or physical health.  There’s even a disclaimer about it.  She’s not a dietician.  Not a mental health professional.  It’s just facts and speculation, she “make(s) no claims and guarantee(s) nothing!”  Read More »