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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Let’s stop and enjoy a few moments of pre-Dingho Whorely, shall we? Read More »


Remember the night the fangirls had a party on my blog and scared all my non-fandumb visitors away?  Look for a rare cameo appearance by Mr. Rizzuto!


I’ve had a couple of requests to post more often, but I’m lazy and uninspired.  I promised Sadie Jo I’d do a post about some of Whorely’s films.  In the meantime, I thought I’d link you up to some oldies but goodies.  First up, An Exclusive Interview with Miranda Kerr.

And because you asked, Sighs my dear…. Read More »

Tired of being censored? Wishing you had a place to express your opinions without being edited? Are you too cynical? Fear not slags, I don’t judge! Go ahead and post your deleted comments here. Let it all hang out! Plus I’m too lazy to blog.

(Disclaimer: I reserve the right to delete death threats and shameless stupidity.)

For no reason, here’s Whorely….