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I’ve been busy with the holidays the last couple of days, and I don’t normally pay attention to blind items (I can never guess who the crap they’re talking about), but this one caught my attention.  I wonder why?

Which supermodel and brand ambassador can’t convince her showbiz boyfriend to come back to Australia unless he’s paid a celebrity appearance fee?  The front row is a lonely place without the handsome face.

Hmmm…let me think about this for a second.  Supermodel…Tyra?  No, can’t be her.  Why would her boyfriend go “back” to Australia.

Let me think.  Could it be…Gisele?  No, I don’t think so.  She’s a supermodel, but brand ambassador?  I don’t think so.

You know what?  It almost sounds like they’re talking about Miranda Kerr, except that they specifically said “supermodel”.  Help me out here guys, who is it?


You’ve seen her on the runway, on the cover of fashion magazines, and of course on the arm of A-list Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom.  Now, in an internet exclusive, international supermodel Miranda Kerr has graciously accepted our invitation to sit down and have a frank heart to heart with our own Wanda Rizzuto.  Miranda speaks out against her critics who say she’s nothing but a low-down, dirty, famewhoring, opportunistic, conniving, wily no-talent, brainless slut. Read More »

Well, well, it’s great to be back.  I’ve had quite a few adventures the last couple of weeks, but there’s one in particular I know you’re just dying to hear about.

Guess what I found out?  I found out that all this time I’ve been pining away over Orlando his girlfriend has been living just half a block away from my office.  Can you believe it?  I might have bumped into him a million times and not even known it. Read More »

Be gentle with her folks:

The bad news is that some of the delphi slags have already left questions and they’ve been removed. 

I have an idea.  If your comments get removed you can post them here.  Maybe Miranda herself will grace us with her presence!  Imagine the possibilities….

Yesterday I said I was going on a hunger strike until Orlando broke up with his dingo.  Today I read this article.  Who says he doesn’t read my blog! Read More »