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This post was inspired by Daners, who was inspired by Ali-ers.  Sorry I don’t have the links to the original posts, they were done a while back and I’m lazy.

So without further ado, here’s a peek into Chez Rizzuto.  As you know, I recently moved.  For the sake of comparison, here’s my old neighborhood:

 Staten Island Read More »


What was I thinking?

I told you guys a couple of months back that I quit my job, bought a house upstate and was downsizing my life.  Well, after a few home buying-related hitches I’m finally outta here.  The good news is that, as predicted, they haven’t found a replacement for me at work yet.  This means that I’ll still be working for them indefinitely, although I’ll be working remotely and in my pajamas.  And I’ll be getting paid.  Yay for me.  The bad news is that I’m leaving NYC. Read More »

Thanks for asking.

My mother called me at work this morning. My mother is the most hysterical person on the face of the earth. She and my dad live in Texas these days. Being so far away from my brother and me gives her endless opportunities to fret over nothing. When I say nothing I mean absolutely nothing. If she hears about something bad happening in New York, no matter how far away the trouble is from either of us, the whole family gets a series of hysterical phone calls until she’s sure that everyone is accounted for.

As you’ve probably heard, there was another crane crash in New York today. Unfortunately for me, it was on the Upper East Side, which is where my brother lives. Now, I’m not a bad sister. If I had thought for one single second that my brother was involved I would have been beside myself. But how many people live in the neighborhood? Thousands? Tens of thousands? What are the odds?

So mom called me at work. At this point I was only vaguely aware of the accident.  Her tone of voice suggested that someone had recently died and she was calling to give me the news. Read More »

I just found out that Orlando was here filming a new movie this morning.  I’d totally be over there stalking him…if I knew where they were filming!

Seriously.  How do people find out about this stuff?  L.G. and I are all ready to go.  I’m gonna get Dante’s American Idol microphone and L.G. is gonna pretend she’s a reporter from Canal Cuarenta y Siete.  We don’t know what we’re gonna do about the camera yet though.

You guys are all smart and resourceful, right?  HELP! 

The pics look like it might be Central Park.  Too bad Central Park is about a million acres.

(I’ve really lost focus, haven’t I?)