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Well folks, I’m going away this weekend for my Super Secret Internet Group’s convention.  Between Dance Dance Revolution, quarters and plotting world domination I’ll have nary a chance to gloat about the KerrBloom splitup.  Also by the time I get back on Monday the KerrBloom sex tape will probably be out of post-production, so here’s some enjoyment until then. Read More »


Orlando, you suck.

I don’t ask for that much, do I?  All I ever wanted was for you to come by my excellent blog and say hi.  It’s not like you have a difficult job or anything.  All you have to do is put out a movie every now and again and take your clothes off.  When was the last time you were nekkid in a movie Orlando?  Do you still make movies, or do you just go bouncing around the world with your pet dingo?  I’m just asking. Read More »

Kidding!  I don’t believe in violence.  I always give peace a chance.

Seriously, I’m OK with Orlando being a big cheater.  He’ll come back to me.  I’ll just have to get a billboard…but more about that later.

I’m OK.  Really.  But I’m worried about some of the other ladies.  Joders seems a little depressed, and I haven’t heard from Cait in a while.  I think Anners has gone off the deep end.

So ladies, feel better!  As a public service, I am offering Deadpan’s comment box for you to vent your frustrations.  Let it all out, it’s OK.  Tell us how you really feel.  We don’t judge you here.  Don’t hold back!

Programming note:  violent fantasies are for entertainment purposes only.  Psycho fangirls will be laughed at and subsequently reported to The Department of Homeland Security.