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Twice in my life I’ve had occasion to seriously consider my own mortality. The first time was 10 years ago, the second time was last week. Both times I came to the same conclusion, that I didn’t want to die. Ever. Read More »



It’s Easter, and because I’m a) a bad mother, b) a bad daughter, and c) a bad Catholic I’m not celebrating.  I don’t have the emotional strength to even buy a freaking Easter basket for my poor neglected children.  Instead, I’m blogging.  Aren’t you lucky.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of adding a new category to Deadpan called “Celebrities Must Die,” and today seems like just the right day to launch.  This category will be devoted to stories about celebrities, the stupid things they say and do, and why they should be killed.  You might ask yourself, is Wanda openly encouraging violence against famous people who should not be breathing the air?  In a word, yes. Read More »

I think I’ve been banned from The Skinny Website!  I was going in under the name Karen Carpenter.  The website owner (Rian) left me this lovely message on one of the threads:

“Karen Carpenter, you are about to get banned. Nobody but me saw your other asinine comments from earlier…”

Just so you know, I never make asinine comments.  I made one about WalMart having a sale on ExLax which I thought was pretty brilliant.  Sorry you didn’t get to see it.

I’ve tried going in since then under different names but my comments go poof.  I can only assume she’s blocked my IP address.  Maybe I’ll try again at work.  Keep an eye out for Fatty Fat Fat Fat.

Congrats to Stevo and Daners for also getting banned.  Take a bow kids!  Anners also had a terse e-mail exchange with Rian, but I’m not sure if she got the boot.

Keep up the good work folks!

In completely unrelated news, I have a new post on Blogcritics.  Have a look if you’re so inclined:

Eliot and the Platinum Hoo-Hah


This just in from Anners:

“She closed the comments for this post. My comment was in moderation but it’s totally gone now…

‘Hey everyone, I’ve closed comments for this article. Please read the comment rules – this is not an ED or pro-ana site. I was simply reporting on celeb diet and exercise gossip as I always do. Too bad it was taken the wrong way by some of you.

To the people who say they hate this website: Stop visiting it. Common sense.’


Don’t stop now folks, there are plenty of posts still open for comments!


Why is it that every time some brainless celebrity has a baby people have to go on about it so?  Like it’s the first time a woman has ever given birth in the history of the universe?

In the latest slap in the face to mothers everywhere (and, dare I say, womanhood in general) People was alleged to have paid $1 million for pictures of Nicole Ritchie’s newborn.  I wonder if these pearls of wisdom were thrown in at no extra charge: Read More »

This guy from Brazil linked to my blog from his website (I’d link you up but it seems to be gone).  The site is in Portuguese, but I managed to figure out what he was saying by drawing upon my Spanish skills and with a little help from my excellent friend Third Culture Mom.  He compared my search for Orlando to the movie My Date With Drew.  I was vaguely aware of the movie but I had never seen it.  Luckily it was on cable last week so I finally got a chance to watch it.  I thought maybe I could pick up a few tips on how to find Orlando. Read More »