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Well, it turns out upstate isn’t quite so bad.

Every morning we wake up and drink our coffee on the porch and look at the mountains.  We do it every evening too, only with wine and not coffee.  There are lots of wineries up here and one is even down the street from the house.  Don’t tell anyone, but mostly we just drink the stuff out of the box.  I can’t tell the difference anyway.  Mr. Rizzuto calls it my maintainance box. Read More »


Howdy, faithful reader!

It’s Good Friday 2008 and I’m sitting in a hotel room somewheres with the other 3 Rizzutos.  Never mind why.  Seeing as how it’s a slow blogging weekend I thought I’d share some random thoughts with you.

I sent Mr. Rizzuto out for some alcohol a few minutes ago.  I asked him to get me some of what’s affectionately known in the Rizzuto household as Lady Duff.  As you Simpsons fans know, Duff is Homer Simpson’s favorite beer.  I like wine coolers (Bacardi, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, whatever).  Mr. Rizzuto calls it Lady Duff. Read More »