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Greetings and salutations! Sorry for forgetting to post for the last zillion years, but you know how it is. You guys were starting to bore me, that’s how it is.  Also I didn’t feel like paying to keep my domain name anymore so here we are back at our humble WordPress beginnings.

While you hobags were camped out on Just Jared debating the finer points of dingho husbandry my co-slag Ducati and I went to see Romeo and Juliet. Ducati said I had to post about it because I had been away for so long. She also thinks you shady bitches won’t believe that we really went if I don’t post pictures, so there you go.

So first of all what had happened was that I bought this really hot bustier online. I say it was hot but it was really pretty tasteful as far as bustiers go. It would have been anyway, but when it arrived it was waaaaaay small. It was so small that I could only button the top two buttons. I decided to wear it anyway with a tank top underneath because I’m adventurous like that. Mr. R. saw me trying it on and said that it looked like a vest, and that I couldn’t wear it anywhere unless he was around. So I did what any obedient wife would do, I put it on, wore my jacket around until it was time to leave, then I left.

I’m just telling you this because as you can imagine the entire episode was one great big wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen.

Whorely got a clear view of my boobs, because luckily for us we had really good seats.  You’re welcome Whorely!  Second row!  They were so good that we could see the actors spraying saliva all over the place every time they said their lines. I won’t lie, that was kinda gross. Whorely was sitting right in front of us during the balcony scene and he made eye contact with my fly tetas us a couple of times. Don’t hate.  Here’s our view of the stage:


Ducati and I may have had a few cocktails before the show. And during intermission. We were a little nervous knowing we were going to see Whorely, but at least we got these nifty Romeo and Juliet souvenir cups. $16 each, cheap!

2013-09-28 15.10.30-1

I guess you want to know how the show was? It was a’ight. Lord and Lady Capulet were great, so was Juliet. Whorely held his own I guess. I don’t really know because I spent most of the show resisting the urge to run up on stage and… well never mind. He looked hot. I’m not too sure about Mercutio though.  He played the whole thing kinda gay, running around dry humping all the other actors. I’m just telling you. (VIGGO!)

We left the theater right after Romeo offed himself just to make sure we’d get a good spot at the stage door.  It worked out great, we were almost the first people there.  Justin Guarini came out first. I was going to post something sarcastic about him but he was super nice so I won’t. Here he is:

photo 4

Of course, the best part was seeing Whorely. He was terribly sweet and he actually chatted with me for a minute or two. I have it all on video but I’m not posting it because fuck that. What Whorely and I talked about is between me and him. And if I choose to touch myself while I’m watching the video that’s also between me and him.  But let’s just say for argument’s sake it went something like this:

Anyway, here are some more pictures. Don’t ever doubt us again.

photo 2

photo 3

photo 5



(Ducati wouldn’t share any pictures of herself because she’s camera shy. But take my word for it, she’s cute as a button!)

photo 1(1)

Lord Capulet, he was awesome.

photo 1(3)

photo 1(2)

“Nice bustier Wanda!”

 photo 2(1)

   photo 3(2)

My thumb

photo 4(1)

   photo 4(2)

photo 5(1)

  photo 5(2)

This post was kinda rushed, sorry about that. If you want to touch yourselves while you’re looking at the pictures be my guest.



  1. You and your wardrobe malfunctions are my heros! Brilliant review 😀

  2. I’m terribly, terribly envious. And very upset that he didn’t ask about the rest of the Whorely Trinitas.


    He looks great. I can’t keep my eyes off his biceps and his hair 😀

    Thanks for taking one for the team Wanda! You too, Ducati!!

  3. Thanks so much for the review. And the pictures. And, of course, the Thumb.
    Hey, you’re kinda good at this whole writing thing. Ever thought about doing more of it?

  4. Great stuff! – thanks for the review and pictures, you two!
    *is extremely envious*

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