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Let’s stop and enjoy a few moments of pre-Dingho Whorely, shall we?



  1. You had me at Legolas, killed me with Balian and rounded back with Viggo to hit me again. Such sweet torment.

    Phree Whorelando!!!!!!

    I wuv it Wanders. That was beauties, eh!

  2. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. wanda that was fantastic- right up until we got to see whorely’s ass …….


  4. Sorry Slapparr, she included that one for me, I’m sure.
    Wanda, just lovely.

  5. But did you slags like the soundtrack?

    BTW, does anyone else think Whorely and Zoe Saldana have mad chemistry?

  6. That song gives me the sads. He’s settled for the bottom of the barrel.

    Zoe has chemistry with everyone she acts with, don’t think it’s just OB.

  7. OMG! The hair! The curls! Legolas!

    The bloody dingho doggone sucked out all his pretty ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    You could have cropped that arse picture. I’d rather see Whorely’s lily white bum 1000 times then see a nekkid dingho as well.

    Luuuuurve that song, btw.

    I think you have a future in the movies Wanda!

  8. :d what ะตั€ัƒ ears?!

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