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I’ve had a couple of requests to post more often, but I’m lazy and uninspired.  I promised Sadie Jo I’d do a post about some of Whorely’s films.  In the meantime, I thought I’d link you up to some oldies but goodies.  First up, An Exclusive Interview with Miranda Kerr.

And because you asked, Sighs my dear….




  1. Awwww…I just love that little tushie! Thank you Wanda. You made my morning bearable (I was SUPPOSED to have this day off!)

  2. 2 years later and it’s still funny as hell.
    Thank you Wanda!

    “VIGGO!…… orlie sed that viggo meenz my prety littul butturflie”

    Laughing at this again and again. It’s a classic.

  3. Main Street is screening at the Austin Film Festival tomorrow per the posts at OB discussion. I’m looking forward to the reviews.

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