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Tired of being censored? Wishing you had a place to express your opinions without being edited? Are you too cynical? Fear not slags, I don’t judge! Go ahead and post your deleted comments here. Let it all hang out! Plus I’m too lazy to blog.

(Disclaimer: I reserve the right to delete death threats and shameless stupidity.)

For no reason, here’s Whorely….




  1. Desperately seeking Whorelando’s remaining movie fans. Would love to chat with you some time if any of you are still lurking in the background.

    I enjoy watching my complete Bloom video library and am totally looking forward to sitting in a theater and watching his latest work in The Good Doctor, Main Street and 3M.

    There are no sites left for OB film fans. Why? Delphi doesn’t like him enough, OLove likes him too much and KaBloom is just too weird. What I really need is an Orlando Bloom Film Appreciation Board.

    Thanks Wanda. That photo is really kind of cute, the cheeky tease.

  2. I think the fandumb is schizophrenic ..

    I cant say i get quite the pleasure i once did out of my OB Video library – though LOTR and the calcium kid usually seems to hit the mark still…

    its amazing how a bad bird choice can effect the viewing pleasure quite so much..

    (Sorry Sadiejo, i’m fighting hard to still like his movies….)

  3. Here’s a thought SadieJo, maybe we could start our own Orlando Bloom Film Appreciation Board? I kind of like the acronym OB-FAB or Orlando Bloom – FAB. And it might be nice to have somewhere to appreciate his films but ignore his personal issues. Just a thought.

  4. Sorry SadieJo, I hope my previous comment didn’t sound rude or bitchy. I should have added that I’d be happy to try to help / contribute in some way because it really would be good to have somewhere to discuss his movies and forget about the dingho.

    I’ll still be going to Delphi of course and hanging out at all my other regular fatjellushater haunts but a place to try to appreciate his career would make a nice change.

  5. We can talk about his movies, Sadie Jo. I’ll work on a post later tonight.

  6. Ummm…hey Wanda where’s my favorite OB-from-the-rear photo…

  7. Joders, I like rude and bitchy. Glad you caught on to the OB-FAB, I think it’s….FAB!

    Yes, Wanda, it would be really nice to talk about his film career when we’ve got something to say. There has to be more to him than just the showmance, I get exhausted reading about the dingho every day. Not leaving Delphi, the snarks are too much fun, but let’s face it, that world is so not into seeing the good he does on film. With his new production company we could be on the verge of some really positive and exciting projects from Orlando Bloom, actor and producer.

    If he tanks, the D-slags can be the first in line to say I told you so, but I think it’ worth a try.


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