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 Whorely’s working again guys.  They said so on Just Jared:

“(Wh)orly, 32, wears Calvin Klein underwear!”


“Should I drop my drawers now?  How about now?”

Wait for it…

…wait for it…



Who knew you could major in product placement at drama school?

(Sponsored by the Paris Board of Tourism, some French shoe store and The Nivea Dingo Collection.)



  1. You are always spot on!

  2. It’s kind of hard to read, but I think it says “this space for rent” on his ass.

  3. Brillliant Wanda!! 😀

    @sadiejo – i wonder how much it costs to rent??? does he differentiate the price according to the use of said space….you see, I wonder how much the Dingho paid him to shaft him up the ass so comprehensively..

    I hope it was a lot…… The Dingho proximity might put other advertisers of using the space….

  4. Is Orlando modelling now for CK underwear?

    If so, i would love to see the ad very soon! But my appreciation will always go to Gabriel Aubry as the best CK male model and Christy/Doutzen for the females!

  5. He’s wearing CK because he wants to feel close to Bozzers.

  6. Lord.

  7. @Jaded

    Uhm OK

    Thanks for reminding me that Bozzers did an ad for CK jeans:)

  8. Well at least his undies appear to be clean.

  9. Shinjirarenai, desunai? Honto ni, bikurishita!

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