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You know what’s dumb about Haven?  The fact that Orlando was supposed to be all ugly after he got splashed with acid.  I mean, who are they kidding?  He still looks totes hot.  I’d still fuck him.  Put a paper bag over his head and fuck him.  In a cubicle.


Don’t mind me, sometimes when I feel like the old Orly is gone forever I go to YouTube and look at the Haven videos.  We all have our happy places, don’t we? 

(The only thing that sucks is when Mr. Rizzuto is around when I watch Haven he keeps asking me if I’m getting horny.  That’s just wrong.)



  1. “Sometimes when I feel like the old Orly is gone forever I go to YouTube and look at the Haven videos” – hell Wanda, you’d be on YouTube 24/7 then, wouldn’t you?

    Haven didn’t get released Down Under. And I’m too lacking in care factor to try to download it.

    Mr Rizzuto just doesn’t know when it’s time to go and do man things (like tinker with the car) and let his wife have some space.

  2. If they would have sprayed his face with a little Bitter Dingo, then his face would have definitely been fug. I mean look at how his face looks now.

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    • Posted January 19, 2009 at 2:30 am
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    Mr. Rizzuto cracks me up. Sorry.

  3. my happy place involves certain scenes in E-Town (with the sound off naturally) maybe i shoudl be moving to haven, if memory serves there are some great scenes in that for reminding you how hot orlando could be….

    Mr R should learn to leave well alone though LOL

  4. You could go to the slash world and read Shy stories. There’s even one with Shy and David Shaw (Viggo’s character in A Perfect Murder). In the slash world, the Whorelando is still purty.

  5. Yay, I love that movie bought it when it first came out and loved it. I thought I was out of my mind thinking I was the only one thinking he was hot even with his jacked up face, still cute. IMO

    The only thing making him look fug now a days is the bytch people call his “girlfriend”.

  6. “In the slash world, the Whorelando is still purty.”

    SadieJo that is the funniest sentence ever!

    Link a bytch, though.

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