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Hi folks,

My excellent friend Joders gave me some pics I thought you might like.  Please dig Australia’s most favorite supermodel and the face of David Jones…

Meagan Gale!  That’s her boyfriend Andy.  Don’t they look happy and in love?







If you want to see some more pictures of Meagan be sure to check out the David Jones website. She’s like, all over it!





  1. Wow, and her bf is hott too!

    I hope they will make some beautiful babies. 😉

  2. She’s beautiful. Not pretty, perhaps. But beautiful and fierce. No wonder they love her.

  3. Oh no does this mean we have to see Mk trying to beat out MG and do a big beach papfest or something. Anyways MG does look more like a womanly compared to MK, the dingho doesnt have any curves at all.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted January 15, 2009 at 1:20 am
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    Wanda, you kill me!

    If I was the dingo and I was up against this I’d flee to my dingo cave in tears.

    Even MG’s boyfriend is prettier than Randa.

  4. I can’t believe DJ’s actually thought Megan needed to be retired. What are they – nuts?

  5. no she;s not pretty but striking…. and yes this is what a real couple looks like……

  6. Why I like Megan:

    * she’s beautiful;
    * she’s funny;
    * she doesn’t take herself seriously;
    * she’s smart;
    * she can string together an intelligible sentence;
    * she’s bilingual (English and Italian);
    * her boyfriend is funny and kinda nice to look at;
    * she’s still famous even without having to mention the boyfriend;
    * she’s in a real relationship;
    * her boyfriend actually likes her;
    * she doesn’t lie.

    Great post Wanda! You’ve outdone yourself again!

  7. I couldn’t even FIND the Dingho on the David Jones website. lol. Is she really there? I thought she had taken over this “face-of-David-Jones” position a long time ago. So where the heck is her face? Not that I really care to see it…

    And hi, Wanda!

  8. She’s beautiful. I hate her.


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