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Hey Orlando,

Despite the way you’ve been acting lately, I voted for you in the Hello Magazine Best Looking Whatever.  You’re welcome.

Unfortunately, you’re getting beat out by more than 3:1 by someone named David Tennant, who is a) completely unknown to me and b) butt ugly.

If you need a campaign manager or something for this effort you know where I am.



  1. Wanda Wanda Wanda! Surely you jest. You don’t know Who David Tennant is?
    As for #6, I voted for him but I gotta figure sixth is not bad for someone who has spent the last year as a handbag and in commercials.

  2. How did Orly manage to stay in the Top 5? He’s one of the fugliest men on the page. His photo has been seriously Photoshopped.

  3. Wanda, how many times can you vote in one day? It should only take us about 8 days of non stop voting to get Orly up there in front of that sickly looking vampire boy.

    And I can’t believe that my Hugh is languishing near to the bottom of the list (especially since the photo they are using of Russell Crowe is dead phugly!).

  4. no i can’t believe you don’t know who David Tennant is – he’s Dr Who, and very very cute, not handsome per se but deffinatly very appealing….

    Orli: i voted for you too out of habit, but in a pole that also includes Hugh Laurie as a potential sex symbol i wouldn’t read too much into that. If you don’t win it, it will be downright embarrassing for you. My advice? take wanda up on her offer; Its not that i don’t think you can still look fit as a fiddle, more that you need to put some work in again before you do…..

    Joders: Are you saying Hugh Laurie is fit??????????? have you seen blackadder 😛

    At least we all agree that vampire boy is fugly….

  5. Be cool Steve!

    OK, I’m sorry for being a dork and not knowing who David Tennant is. Dr. Who, I get it.

    I don’t know how many times we can vote Joders, let’s find out.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted January 10, 2009 at 3:40 am
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    I voted for Colin Firth because Orlando and I are having problems right now.

    Stevo, did you spell your name wrong?

  6. Woo hoo!! I voted again! I was worried I might only be able to cast one vote. I’ll try to to remember to drop by again later on to see if I can vote twice in the one day.

    And Whorely has moved up to 4th spot!

    @ Slapparr – hahahaha! Not Hugh Laurie. I’m talking about Hugh Jackman!!

  7. Alrighty, it appears you can vote multiple times in one day. I just voted again.

    When does voting close?

  8. Apparently you can vote every 10 minutes and voting closes on January 20.

    The Rob Pattinson slags have launched a full on attack of this competition on the IMDb boards. It’s quite scary.

    Sorry I’ve been away from the blog, Wanda! I’m glad to be back doing some official researcher duties. 🙂

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