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I feel terrible about John Travolta’s kid dying.  Apparently not everyone feels the same way.  Overheard on TMZ:

“Travolta’s attornies” said all this…………………………it gets stranger and deeper by the minute!

Travoltas career and name is done…I dont know what well wishers across the World the attorney is speaking of, all stories are pointing to a cover up, dereliction of duty and strange parenting techniques as the story.

Lying morons who believe in an alien god, they all need to die.

I guess Jett’s parents decided going commando and having a VERY short life was to be preferred to drawing out a long existence with a retarded child that embarrassed them in front of their $cientology “peers.”

this whole thing stinks, the travolta’s did there son harm. funny how the attorney’s keep speaking up for them???????????stinks —poor kid
well maybe their scientology will help them IDIOTS

This drip , drip of information from the Travolta camp is making me uncomfortable. It
seems that the camp is trying to manage the media and is inolved in damage control. Why is TMZ allowing the Travolta lawyers to feed them information and print it as fact? What happened to journalism? TMZ are you on the Travolta’s payroll now? I just don’t feel that TMZ is being objective in running this story. It’s like they are doing the PR for the family.

You get the picture.  But I guess that’s all you can expect from people who think TMZ is journalism.

I hate people.



  1. Yeah. I get you. They have obviously not ever lost someone close to them then had to deal with the press so they don’t get it. No excuse at all for these idiots and what they are saying.

  2. Having lost a child, I would never wish it on any parent.

    Even when it’s proven natural causes people look at you like you did something wrong, and the rumor mill can grind a family to dust.

  3. People are assholes – that pretty much sums it up, Wanda.

    It doesn’t matter what your personal opinion of Scientology is, or whether you care for John Travolta and Kelly Preston or what you think of their parenting skills. For the love of God, they just lost a child. Have some respect.

  4. Yeah, they were talking about it on Nancy Grace last night too (yes, I watch Nancy Grace). Even the correspondent was implying that something was up, and Nancy Grace let him have it.

    I didn’t know you went through all that Shawn. It must have really sucked.

    • Anners Scribonia aka Gunnedah Hobag
    • Posted January 6, 2009 at 3:28 pm
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    I think it’s best to stay away from TMZ. That place is a gutter.

  5. I’ll tell you that story someday, Wanda. It’s not as dramatic as the Travolta’s, just very sad.

    Anyone who would attack a family during a time like this is a waste of good air.

  6. I hate TMZ.

  7. When I got up to see hubby off this morning, I noticed TMZ was on and watched a few minutes, out of curiosity.

    I am now dumber.

  8. I actually like TMZ because they make fun of celebrities. It can be kinda stoopid sometimes though.

  9. Ugh. No matter what you might think (or even know) about Scientology, you have to have compassion for someone who has lost a child. People can suck. Thank god for you Wanda. You give me some hope and renew my faith that there is sense to be found in others.

  10. I second that ‘I Hate TMZ’ remark.

    Okay, maybe it’s just really the asinine commenters over there that I actually hate

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