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This is for all of you slags out there who say that Orlando hasn’t worked all year.  You are so, so wrong. 

March 2008, appeared in a commercial for Ducati.

March 2008, appeared in a commercial for Audi A6.

March 2008, appeared in a commercial for La Poubelle restaurant.

April 2008, appeared in a commercial for Golden Door Yoga.

April 2008, appeared in a commercial for the Getty Museum.

April 2008, appeared in a commercial for Catalina’s Restaurant.

April 2008, appeared in a short film entitled A Boy and His Dingo At the Races (brought to you by David Jones).

May 2008, appeared in a commercial for Deus Ex Machina.

June 2008, appeared in a short erotic film called I Left My Ass In Gran Canaria (brought to you by Gran Hotel Resedencia, featuring clever product placement of the book Shadows On The Path).

August 2008, appeared in a commercial for Pure Food And Wine, owners of One Lucky Duck.

August 2008, appeared in a commercial for Lure Fish Bar.

August 2008, appeared in a commercial for BMW R1200 LS.

September 2008, appeared in a commercial for Maddox Art Gallery and Scotts restaurant.

October 2008, appeared in a commercial for Primitivo restaurant.

December 2008, appeared in a commercial for Yamaha.

December 2008, appeared in a commercial for Deus Ex Machina (he did good work for them last time).

Mr. Bloom’s next appearance is rumored to be for the Aspen, CO Board of Tourism. 

Hey, don’t hate.  Being a paid shill is good, honest work.  But it kinda puts a new meaning to the name “Whorelando,” doesn’t it?



  1. Wanda, you forgot the furniture store in March where he is wearing their sweatshirt and walking out holding a table he “purchased” there. That was with him and dingo right after the Ducati shop.

  2. You are brilliant.

    That is all.

  3. Gawd, I’m so dense…I’d be embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to tumble to the point…(WHAT COMMERCIAL FOR LA POUBELLE???)
    And, of course, I second IcarusMalfoy: You are brilliant. Again. As always.

  4. Just calling you brilliant is an understatement. I saw all of his commercials this year.I think I am addicted. I wonder what will happen when he stops making commercials.

  5. Wanda, you are the master. Hee.

    I still hate him though.

    Anners and Orlando’s love affair: 2003-2008. 😦

  6. Aw Anners! The fun is just beginning, isn’t it?

    (Hi slags!)

  7. Brilliant!!

  8. Ha! This is hilarious,Wanda!

    He’s not a believable salesman, let alone a believable actor.

  9. Hey icky poo, can you link a sister up?

    Why does everyone think this is funny anyway? I was being serious, for reals!

  10. It’s The Whorely. Don’t hate, appreciate.

    He’s obviously one of the more in-demand man-ho escorts in Hollywood. And cute to boot (well, except for that one unfortunate outing with the saggy arse).

    Thanks for the memories.

  11. Here you are-There might be better ones out there too but this is all I can find. Notice his sweatshirt in one picture.

    I just noticed at that site they had a engagement post when CPK spilled to the DT. There were only three comments on it. No one cares except the Jared people. She should be glad no one is watching because if they were she would have even more people laughing at her pathetic ass.

  12. snicker, lol. Its sad it has come to this, but at least its funny. Exept that it isnt. From now on when someone says he hasnt been working in ages I will hand them this link.
    I think we should update it as the showmance progresses, or rather, goes downwards.

  13. Thanks Icky!

    Zulu, that’s a brilliant idea.

  14. I never realised just what a whorelicious little fame slut our Whorely is.

    And here I was feeling sorry for him and thinking his career was in the shitter.

    Thank you Wanda for helping me to see just how wrong I’ve been.

  15. Same here, Joders. However, realising this now, it doesn’t override the complete fucktardness of the man this year. Oh well 😛

  16. brilliant as ever wanda, and theres got to be a good chance you’ve hit the nail on the head…. either that or Whorely has totally lost his reason…. wait, what am i saying!! 🙂

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted December 31, 2008 at 6:54 am
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    Wanda, maybe he’s trying to pay for this.

    ^ haha.

  17. What a waste of advertising space. I feel like we’ve a neverending night of the adeaters and I’m waiting for the sun to rise. Not even waiting, just curious if it will ever happen.

  18. Ha!

  19. My gosh, this really puts 2008 into perspective, doesn’t it.

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