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I’ve been busy with the holidays the last couple of days, and I don’t normally pay attention to blind items (I can never guess who the crap they’re talking about), but this one caught my attention.  I wonder why?

Which supermodel and brand ambassador can’t convince her showbiz boyfriend to come back to Australia unless he’s paid a celebrity appearance fee?  The front row is a lonely place without the handsome face.

Hmmm…let me think about this for a second.  Supermodel…Tyra?  No, can’t be her.  Why would her boyfriend go “back” to Australia.

Let me think.  Could it be…Gisele?  No, I don’t think so.  She’s a supermodel, but brand ambassador?  I don’t think so.

You know what?  It almost sounds like they’re talking about Miranda Kerr, except that they specifically said “supermodel”.  Help me out here guys, who is it?



  1. He got stds isn’t that enough? don’t get greedy Orlando.

    I think the article suggest he isn’t getting paid so won’t go back.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted December 29, 2008 at 1:38 am
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    It’s totes the dingo… I think I’m over our joint boyfriend,though, Wanda.

  2. when you combine this kind of stuff with comments that he reportedly made buying naked blond boards with the dingho, he comes across as a sexist selfish greedy idiot….

  3. Ok, I’ll play. It’s not Jennifer Hawkins or Megan Gale – both their boyfriends are Oztrayan (sorry that’s an aussie joke) so they don’t need to “come back” because they’re already here.

    It’s not Kristy Hinze because her boyfriend isn’t in showbiz, he’s a 64 year old millionaire who made his fortune from the internet boom. And he’s in Australia at the moment too.

    And it’s definitely not the dingHo. She’s not a supermodel.

    Hell, I don’t know Wanda. Who is it?

    Slapparr, I’d like him better as a sexist, selfish, greedy idiot than as a dickhead dating the dingHo.

    PS Wanda, this post popped up in my google alerts!

  4. Again Anners? Sheesh.

    Who’s Kristy Hinze?

  5. Puhleeze! You know this can’t be anyone else except Miss Piggy.

    You girls’ fascination with the dingho is starting to scare me…they are together. GET OVER IT!

  6. Sounds like Akeelers has been trolling JJ.

  7. That’s what that is? For a minute I thought a was developing a split personality.

    –Get a life you loons!

    Kill urself, dingho!

    –She is such an inspiration!

    She is such a grease magnet!

    –I hope they have beeyootiful children.

    STOP IT! Everybody out now!

  8. This is Kristy Hinze.

    She’s 28, been modelling since she was 14, was signed to a contract with Australian Vogue at age 14 (the youngest model ever to do so – suck on that dingHo), has been in Sports Illustrated (maybe on the front cover, I’m not sure?? – suck on that too, dingHo, you’ll never be on Sports Illustrated – not without a boob job), did some modelling for Victoria’s Secret about 6 or 7 years ago, is currently the face of Australian retail chain Sportscraft and is the host of Project Runway – Australia.

    She’s also got good communication skills (ie she can string an intelligible, not to mention intelligent sentence together) and is engaged to be married to Netscape founder Jim Clark (he’s 64 and a billionaire).

    In short she’s much more intelligent, busy savvy and attractive than dingHo girl.

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