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Hi guys,

I’m a little busy these days, so rather than leave you hanging I thought I’d post some pictures of Orly and his girlfriend.  Enjoy!




 Oh.  Sorry.  Not that girlfriend.



  1. ah yes look at that – Orlando looking desirable….. i remember those days!! (ok thats not exclusively true, he can manage it nowadays when he’s dingho free – he just seems to prefer to look like a mess round her…. which i kinda like, shows a comforting lack of respect for her feelings!! LOL)

  2. Weren’t they just the sweetest? It’s amazing how much different he looks when he actually likes someone.

  3. Absolutely, though i do wonder how much they liked each other by the end i seem to recall pictures at towards the end where he looked equally pained round her…..

    he still looked better though, she just has so much more class than MK

  4. Wanda you did it now. The dingy-ho is gonna see these and give us another fake sighting. Wait for it.
    Poor nutter of a girl.

  5. Jamie, great, I can use a good laugh.

  6. Ho-ho, into the isle of denial you go!

    • idontlikedingos
    • Posted December 17, 2008 at 10:27 am
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    You’re so poetic pinky. Now tell us who is in denial.

  7. It least they were cute together and looked like they were in love. At first I never really liked Kate but now im cool with her. She doesnt bother me like the Dingho does. I hope she gets jealous after seeing this. You know she reads here too. lol

  8. @slapparr, he looked more desirable and he used to wear pants that fit him too.

  9. I can’t ever get my ponytails that nice.

  10. They’re kinda skinny. Don’t those two eat anything?

  11. What a cute lil man he used to be. Sigh.

  12. Now this is how you do a pap setup. Dingho, take notice and learn.

  13. Oh Wanda, that tagline is so bloomin’ perfect!

    And how cute are Orli and Bozzie color coordinating their outfits like that.

  14. (Psst! I think PinkBloomie’s cool.)

  15. Sadie Jo, the dingho will never get it right. That bitch is full of FAIL!

  16. Lila’s leash looks like a thong.

  17. Wanda,Orlando is in New York, are you up for some ass kicking. Maybe you can get an exclusive with him this time.

  18. I don’t know Ducati. You got my back?

  19. Yes, good with bail money too, make sure and ask him what the dingo have on him.

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