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Joders was kind enough to remind me that today is my ex-boyfriend Nikki Sixx’s birfday (not that I would have forgotten….).  He’s 50 today, can  you believe it? 

Happy birfday Nikki, sorry things didn’t work out between us.  Maybe if you hadn’t married all those skanks back in the 90’s things would have been different.




  1. What I’m lovin’ is that he and I are the same age. Ha.

  2. What a handsome goatee.

  3. Nikki is unfazed by your sarcasm Anners.

    Hi Sissy! You guys are the same age, aren’t you? Then you must agree that he’s hotness, right?

  4. He does have a certain glint in his eye that makes me smile. 🙂

  5. No, I cannot believe that Nikki is 50. This means that Johnny Depp will be 50 in only a few years. That all the brat packers from the 80’s and 90’s are going on 50. OMG, Rob Lowe is going on 50! How did this happen?

  6. It’s probably all the heroin he did back in the day Sissy.

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