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I’ve been a little busy the last few days. This weekend I went to hand out Obama swag at the local festival, which would have been great if there didn’t happen to be a monsoon going on. I also went to see Bill Maher at Cornell U., which was awesome. Mr. Rizzuto said that a lot of his material was familiar, but I hadn’t heard any of it so I thought he was great. Except that sometimes it makes me feel bad when he talks about how stupid religion is, because even though I’m not the most religious person in the world I’m still down with J.C. for the most part. I also don’t like when he disses kids, but whatever, I forgive him. But he said we were the most lethargic audience he had performed for in 10 years. I guess I forgive him for that too. He was right though, I was tired from the monsoon.

These are some leftover pictures. The last time I posted pictures they were the ones that I took, and they kinda suck. Mr. Rizzuto takes much better ones, so here are a few.

This is me picking pears. I thought you might like to have a look at my un-Photoshopped butt. Please notice that my jeans are looking a little loose. Yay for me. Please try not to notice that Janey looks like she was dressed like a blind person.


Here’s a much nicer picture of the pear tree. I’ve decided to take Sadie Jo’s advice and make pear liqueur. Catch me some time in February, SJ.

Pear Tree II

OK, this one isn’t at my house, but it’s in the neighborhood. There’s some pretty slamming nature here in upstate NY. It makes me miss the city a bit less. I think this is supposed to be the highest waterfall in the northeast, or something like that. Maybe I’m getting it confused with Niagara Falls.


Neat, huh?

K, get out.



  1. *pokes nose out of a bush* hm?

  2. Don’t make yourself blind with that pear liqueur kay?

    I’m going to sound like a 1950’s housewife/hippy right now but I’m so glad you get to enjoy nature and being with your daughter more now. The hustle bustle of the city/work must wear you down a bit.

  3. Yep, I’m worn down alright. I’ll try to take it easy with the liqueur.

    Hi Sissy!

  4. What, you dissing the fashion sensibilities of blind people?

  5. Wah! Your pear tree makes me so jealous. As you know, someone purloined my pears this year. Fuckers.

    Oh, by the way. Nice ass. 🙂

  6. WOW, that waterfall rules. OK, that’s it. I want to visit.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted September 30, 2008 at 5:54 pm
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    Nice booty, Wanda.

    Love the pear tree.

    Upstate New York looks sooo peaceful.

  7. We should take up a collection, and order her a partridge.

  8. I could totally use a partridge. I think Noggin might eat it though.

  9. Wanda, it’s an amazing waterfall, isn’t it? My youngest son is there often for picnics and hikes and communing with nature. One of these days I should ride along and see if we can catch up.

    Coming to the Apple Fest this weekend? I’ll be there both days.

  10. SD!!! We were just talking about you and the Apple Fest. We were also all set to invite you to dinner until Mr. Rizzuto fell through the dining room ceiling.

    You read that correctly.

    Check your e-mail.

  11. Ummm…pear liqueur? So, how does a person go about getting some of that?

  12. One asks very nicely. Then one hopes the bottles don’t explode.

  13. Wanda – thou doest forgiveth the William Mahereth for far too much! He’s kind of a dickhead actually, but can be amusing on a brief ocassion.

    Where can one donate for the partridge? Better yet, where does one procure a partridge? What exactly does a partridge do?

    I just might be up all night pondering these things…..

    Check your email and heed my words. 😉

  14. Please tell me that your new house is not going to be like that movie called The Money Pit?! I have visions of Mr Rizzuto standing on a floor rug and slowly disappearing into a hole in the floor.

    Having now seen a picture of the local waterfall, I am doubly envious of your new lifestyle. I always wanted to retire to the country on a vast expanse of land with a creek running through.

    There’s nothing wrong with what Janey is wearing. She looks like a fashion model in comparison to some of the stuff that I’m sure you and I wore when we were the same age!

  15. Aww, you and Janey look so cute having Mommy and Me time together!

    That waterfall looks like fun.

  16. “Please try not to notice that Janey looks like she was dressed like a blind person.”

    LOL – she looks cute.

    Nice arse Wanda! 😉

  17. Well, since Wanda’s on the subject of home-sweet-home, I thought I’d share this review of a certain Dingho’s NYC pod-equipped domain. It’s snagged from the Jade Building discussion on a site called

    I admit I am fascinated, especially after that 2-week long pap fest outside her front door. Review from some dude who visited:

    “OK. Visited Jade today to see a one-bedroom. Unlike anything I’ve seen before, that’s for sure. The space: decent square footage for a one-bedroom; ceilings good height. Finishes: the building is an old building covered all over with new veneers, basically. The lobby is a inspired by a bathroom at The Saint circa 1984–as if you did the wrong combination of drugs and ended up on the inside of a disco ball. The hallways = a Stark hotel c. 1990’s: flourescent lights framing every doorway, slightly 1970’s retro wallpaper (it isn’t bad), with gold doorknobs in the dead-center of each door. Very hotel-like. Alright: the pod. It’s really a gimmick. Lacquered cube smack in the middle of an otherwise decently proportioned living room. Quality is questionable–the one I saw was in a model apartment and already had irreparable chips in the edges. This thing WILL NOT age well. In 5 years who in the world will buy a resale with a banged up pod? It isn’t like you can just order a new one from Room and Board. How does it work? Swing open the doors of the “kitchen” side of the cube to reveal a 2-burner stove top and toaster-oven size oven. Another door must be opened to reveal the fridge door. A tremendous amount of wasted sq/ft are left between the “kitchen” and facing wall and virtually nothing can be done with it. Round the corner of the cube to a side of closets. Round another corner of the cube and there is a bathroom door to a decently appointed bathroom. The fourth side is outright bizarre and inexplicable. The doors open to reveal a glass wall that forms the back of the shower and provides an unobstructed view of the toilet (and anyone using it).

    If you have always dreamed of a glass walled toilet and shower wedged between your sofa and oven, then this is for you. As an added benefit the windows of the apartment were feet from the windows of the building next door, so not only your guests, but also the neighbors can enjoy watching you pee, poop and shower in the middle of your livingroom if you open the doors of the pod.

    In the end, the pod is a total design conceit that is the result of a concept being allowed to become reality without sufficient editing. Without the pod, this would be a decent apartment. If you rip out the pod and just sell it on craigslist or in the Pennysaver, you’d be better off.

    Who is this place for? Perfect for a European with some cash who spends short periods in NYC and wants a hotel-like space to call their own and crash. I didn’t see the 2-tiered roof terrace and outdoor hottubs and lounge but those may be very nice and different amenities–then again you’ll pay for that–are the current monthlies (over $1500 for this unit) tax abated? Also may be perfect for the pretenses of someone like Bethany on Real Housewives of NYC who fancies themselves as much more hip and happening than they really are. Bottom line: IMHO it’s all pretty tragic.

    P.S. The promo material features a male model who was voted off “Make Me A Supermodel” early in the Bravo series.”

    Get out those checkbooks.

  18. Damn.

    I must confess, I don’t understand why there’s a cube in the middle of the apartment. I’m off to visit the website.

  19. OK, I see.

    I’m thinking of getting a cardboard box, some spray paint and some glitter. I can make it a weekend project for the kids and maximize my living space at the same time.

  20. Exactly. A pod could be a really cool thing, as long as it doesn’t look like a big shiny sani-can in the middle of the living room! Glitter is a great idea, maybe a little graffiti on the walls, too. Here’s to pod people!


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