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Here are a few more of my favorite things….

This is my dog/bodyguard, Noggin.  Puppy wouldn’t let me take her picture, she doesn’t want to be remembered the way she is now.



Don’t fucks with him.

This is the tree outside my back door. As you can see, there are piles of pine cones. Every day there are more or less pine cones, but always in three little groups. Mr. Rizzuto thinks it’s squirrels, I think it’s the Blair Witch.

Blair Witch

This is our canoe. We haven’t used it yet, but we’re going to. Any minute now.


This is part of our extensive collection of Simpsons memorabilia…


…and more…

Simpsons II

We likes The Simpsons. This is one of my favorite things ever. Dante gave it to me when he was about 3. It has his handprint on the back, which I can’t show you because it also has his real name and I’m too lazy to Photoshop it out.


And, of course, the churdren:


OK, tour’s over, get outta my house.



  1. In a minute, I’m getting a pear.

  2. Noggin is the cutest.

  3. LOL, if I try to take a pic of my kid, there’s usually just a blonde smear on the resulting picture. I had no idea The Flash was in our family tree. Want me to post one?

  4. Please do!

  5. I luuuuurve Noggin! He is so cute! Does he like hugs? And kisses?

    I’m going with squirrels for the pine cones. I don’t like the Blair Witch, she’s scarey. Squirrels are much cuter.

    Holy crap woman! Do you have a spare room for your Simpsons stuff? Where do the guests stay?

    Your kids (almost) make me want one of my own. They are just beautiful! But I think I’ll stick with pug puppies.

  6. Thanks Joders. Noggin does love hugs and kisses but he’s likely to knock you over in the process.

  7. for the record,they are hemlock cones, not pine cones.

  8. I’m stopping at that pear tree on my way out too. Just don’t sic Noggin on me.

    He reminds me of our lab, apt to love you to little bruised bits. 🙂

  9. Ooh- I’m diggin the Simpsons memorabilia!
    Your dog is so tough looking 🙂
    Let us know when you go out on your canoe 😉

  10. Awwww! The kids are so cute! And so is Noggin.

    All the Simpsons stuff! I need to start collecting something but I lose interest so quickly. 😦

  11. Lovely home. I love all the photos! And a canoe! How lucky.

  12. Noggin RULES!

    Also, your Simpsons stuff makes me feel better about having 4 small display tables loaded with Peanuts stuff. If I ever get a digital camera, I’ll show y’all pictures one day. I wouldn’t wait up for me, though…

  13. Awesome! I’m negligent in reading the blogulessness of youse peeps. I’ll try to be better behaved.

    When I’m not too drunk to remember.

  14. You drinking without me mom?

  15. Definitely Blair Witch.

    The backs of your kids’ heads are very cute. I think.

  16. Oh, pears? Pears with brie and a drizzle of chili infused chocolate?

  17. I’ve never heard of hemlock cones but those things are giving me the creeps.

    Noggin looks like a big tough version of one of my dogs.

    Go get the kiddies some lifejackets and let them play with the canoe. That stuff is always fun as a kid.

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