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This post was inspired by Daners, who was inspired by Ali-ers.  Sorry I don’t have the links to the original posts, they were done a while back and I’m lazy.

So without further ado, here’s a peek into Chez Rizzuto.  As you know, I recently moved.  For the sake of comparison, here’s my old neighborhood:

 Staten Island

Here’s my new neighborhood (as seen from my front porch):


There are a lot of farms up here, so we’ve been going to a lot of farmer’s markets and u-pick places for our produce.

I’m freezing Brussels sprouts…

Brussels Sprouts

…and tomatoes…


…and apples…


…and some other stuff.


This is my back yard. Part of it anyway:

Back Yard

We don’t buy pears because we have a tree in the yard. Don’t be hatin’:

Pear Tree

(Just in case you couldn’t see the pears) :


And, for Joders, my clothesline. She doesn’t think we have them in the U.S.



(Speaking of Joders, please consider this my official retraction.  It turns out she really is Australian.  She posted a picture of herself with a dingo.)

Stay tuned for Part II…



  1. W00T!

  2. I read these backwards. You’re so cool!

  3. Wow, Miranda Kerr went to Joders’ house? She can sell that pic for big bucks. And if they had a catfight of any note, go viral on youtube.

    I love to freeze bell peppers. The rest of that stuff, not so much. OH! You’ve got to get Janey Mr Putter and Tabby Pick The Pears.

    ‘course, then she’ll want an elderly cat. Maybe not. 🙂

  4. Mr. Putter and Tabby Pick the Pears?

  5. Wanda, it’s gorgeous! You had me from the very first photo! I’m totally envious of what you and your family have.

    Freezing brussel sprouts? Who’d have thunk it? And I’m sure they’re much cheaper than $7.98 per kilo.

    And a clothesline! With clothes on it!

    And your own pear tree! Does it have a partrigde in it?

    My brother lives on 2 and a half acres but is looking to upgrade to 100 acres. We went to a little place called Stroud last weekend and looked at some land he’s interested in. It had a creek running through the middle and everything – it was just so serene. I really do understand the appeal of this sort of living.

  6. We got 24 quarts of apples, tomatoes, brussels sprouts and peppers for $22. Pretty good, huh?

  7. Welcome to rural living! You’re going to love it.

  8. I like your new place! It looks so peaceful and relaxing

  9. OMG! I love pears! Wanda, you and I are about to become besties over those pears.

  10. Of course, I am jealous of the pears. As you know, someone robbed me of mine.

    As for the veggies, let me come up there next year and teach you how to grow your own. Brussels sprouts are my favorite. They can stay in the garden until December because they’re a winter veggie.

  11. Mr. Rizzuto is all about growing the veggie Pan, but we got here a little late in the year.

    OK, everyone can come by and have a pear. One to a customer.

  12. Pears!!! Please, Wanda, will you make us some Pear liqueur? We can get blitzed and toss frozen brussels sprouts at a scarecrow dressed in brown booties and a Victoria’s Secret bikini. Yes! Dingo Target Practice.

    I lurve country folk.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted September 23, 2008 at 5:50 pm
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    Lovely, Wanda! I want to take a nap on your lawn.

  13. Ew, you can keep those nasty pears.

    The only fruit I won’t eat. Makes me shudder.

  14. *pelting Jackie with pears*

    Anners, I have a sofabed. Sheesh.

    Hey SJ, do you have a recipe for pear liqueur? Never mind, I’ll Google it.

  15. I like the new place. It’s great that your kids have a backyard now. I read somewhere that growing up without a backyard stifles the imagination and leads to more allergies (as the immune system doesn’t get to build up) go send your kids to play in the dirt.

  16. Isn’t it much nicer away from the city? There was a guy here last week who kept complaining that it was too quiet and that he couldn’t sleep because it was so dark at night. I hope you like your new place. How’s the oven working? Maybe you should bake some pies just to make sure.

    Good for you, Wanda!

  17. Quill!!! I have to admit, I do love it here. I still love the city, but upstate is awesome.

    And don’t worry, I already baked a pie. I only had one piece before it was gone though.

  18. It looks beautiful up there. Try going for a long walk and absorbing the nature and fresh air.

    I like the city – but only for visits, I get too stressed out being surrounded by all the people, pollution and the quick pace. I need to be around nature to feel calm.

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