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Several years back I had a co-worker who was from Australia.  He told us that Australia was a really racist country, so I never really had any desire to go there.  Then I met my blogmates Joders and Janers.

It’s Joders’ fault really.  She keeps talking about her house and how sometimes she looks out her window and sees wild kangaroos in her yard.  Now I don’t know about you, but the idea of kangaroos in the yard really blows me away.  I mean, they’re kangaroos for God’s sake.  Kangaroos live in zoos.

OK, I understand that seeing a kangaroo in Australia might not be such an odd thing.  But still.  I think I want to go there now.  Joders and Janers are the most delightful people.  And they eat some pretty interesting things too.  Chocolate covered Turkish delight, who knew?  And they call Rice Krispies “rice bubbles”, isn’t that cute?  And I don’t have to tell you about Foster’s of course.

Today Joders turned me onto an Australian children’s TV show called Hi-5, although upon further investigation I learned that they have a version here on TLC.  Anyway, I showed Janey the website and she loved it.  She said they were “bootiful” and she made me play all of the songs.  Every one.  And there were like 50.

Unfortunately Australia is on the other side of the world, so it’s not like I can just get on Amtrak and pop over.  Here’s what I think I’ll do.  Since Janey now has a new favorite Australian TV show I think I’ll send her over to live with Auntie Joders for a few months.  If she comes back in one piece then I’ll know it’s worth it for the whole family to go.  (BTW Joders, I hope you have some very creative potty training tips because to be honest with you I’m at a loss right now.  And you break her, you bought her.)




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    • Posted September 14, 2008 at 2:38 pm
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    Joders and Janers are splendidly delightful people.

    Poor Janey. Hee.

  1. Using Janey as a sacrificial lamb. Hahaha

    I wanna hang out with Joders, too. We can sit in her back yard and watch the kangaroos hop by, wrapped in pashminas and sipping on our Earl Gray tea. Warm fuzzy thoughts. 🙂

  2. I drink Earl Gray tea right here. What’s a pahsmina?

    Hi Anners!

  3. It a large scarf, usually made of cashmere or other super soft materials, that some people wrap around them like a throw. They used to be every where a few years back. They’re kinda like Uggs, played the hell out but too comfy and pricey to throw away.

  4. ^I mean “it is” . I fire off my comments before I proofread sometimes.

  5. I knew that.

    Gotta go, Janey wants to watch the videos again. Oy. Thanks Joders.

  6. No kangaroos, but you can send that little cutie my way anytime. Maybe she’d like armadillos.

  7. Hi Anners! Thanks for calling me delightful (you too Wanda).

    Glamma_puss, I have 3 spare rooms so anytime you’re in the area you’re more than welcome to visit. If this weather keeps up though we won’t be needing pashminas. And it might be too hot for Earl Grey tea. Maybe iced tea? Or can someone bring some Mike’s hard lemonade? God, I miss that stuff.

    Wanda was your co-worker a dickhead? That’s not to say there’s not racist people in Oz, but there are racist people the world over.

    And just for you, I have one more kangaroo story that I’ll share later in the week.

    Comeon now, how hard can it be to potty train a toddler? I toilet trained my puppy. Everytime she ate or drank, I took her outside until she tinkled or pooped. Then I gave her big kisses for being a good girl. Have you tried that?

    Ummmm, you can’t break a child can you?

    There are really 50 Hi5 songs? Oh God, Wanda, I’m so sorry! Please, please forgive me? (BTW Charli from Hi5 is from Newcastle – kinda where Janers and I live!)

  8. Well…did your dog every look you in the eye, fold her arms and say “I don wanna pee in the potty anymore!”?

    I’m not really sure if it was 50 songs Joders, but it seemed like it. And, I’m not making this up, last night we were watching it and she said “they’re pretty, I wanna go there.” No joke.

  9. I have always heard that promises of beautiful big-girl underwear are good, and candy and/or stickers and tattoos always worked for me. 🙂

  10. Ok, you’ve got me there. Tia never once folder her arms and refused to pee in the potty anymore. I’ll ask my sister what my mum did for me to toilet train me (since I don’t remember). Maybe Jaded might have some advice?

    “they’re pretty, I wanna go there.” Oh hell! I think you’re gonna have your work cut out for you, Wanda.

    But if you can get Janey down to Oz for 25 Oct 08, I can take her to a show. They’ve got tickets for Hi5 at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre.

  11. She pees in her big girl underwear Sissy. I’ll try the stickers. You’d think I’d know all about this stuff having gone through it with Dante, but the only thing I remember is that it was difficult with him too.

    Joders, I’ll check Janey’s schedule and get back to you.

  12. I want a kangeroo.

    And I blame it all on JOders

  13. I want to go too.

  14. Motivation is the key to my girl. For potty training, she wanted disney princess themed pink undies. The two things I hate most (after dinghos) are the colour pink and disney, but I said yes to that. After all, if accidents happen (and they do) at least she’ll wet cinderella. I never liked girls that sit and wait for the first handsome prince to walk by and snap his fingers. So the princesses get what they deserve, and I got my little princess trained within two weeks.

  15. And I want a koala. Once I read that adult koalas are kinda sleeping 16 hrs a day, but the offspring are awake 16 hrs a day, and based on my experience as a parent I bet that it’s the same 16 hrs every phuckin day. That’s how I had to find out that I am actually a koala with no fur.

  16. How old is your daughter Jaded? Janey likes Cinderella, but I don’t think she’s old enough to make the connection. Maybe I’m wrong.


  17. If you move to Oz, I want to visit, and I’ll extend the same invitation, should I move to Ireland. I’ll let you know the status of this move sometime in November. I wonder if my family emigrated recently enough to get dual citizenship?…

  18. Training is different with girls, so give yourself a break.

    She wants a little control, so give it to her, but remember there are certain things only big girls get to do. A few, “Sorry, but only big girls get to do that.” will go much futher than arguing with her. Be sure to reward even the smallest step in the right direction.

  19. Heh heh, Joders likes girly beer. Why don’t I bring some Zima too while I’m at it. j/k 😉

  20. glammers! I like Mike’s!

    Shawn, that’s good to know. Everyone keeps saying how girls are easier to train than boys. I was starting to think there was something wrong with me.

  21. A lot of little girls are easier, but Janey is independent. That will be a good thing later. 😉

  22. He called our country racist?! – arsehole.

    The best thing about Australia is the natural beauty. I’ve always been a nature fan.

  23. did u hear about that show where they are sending the super sweet 16 kids to developing countries? ahahaha

  24. My girl was about 26-28 months old. I started mentioning potty training when she turned two but she turned up her nose and I didn’t want to push it. She’s as stubborn as a mule, if I would have been more aggressive, she prob would have held things back and become seriously constipated in the long run. I thought “hell, she could walk and talk way before all the other kids of her age, so what if this one thing takes longer” and I think that helped. In your case, it doesn’t have to be cindirella, my friend’s son “converted” for a bunch of Cars-themed undies. He said he looks handsome in them. 😀 I’m sure you can find the proper motivation. No need to rush.

  25. Wanda, I asked my sister how my mum potty trained me and my sister said that mum didn’t have any trouble. She said I was a perfect child. Something must have happened between childhood and adulthood.

    She did say that I thought it was great to sit on the real toilet (as opposed to the potty). We had a mini toilet seat that fit to the normal toilet seat (so that I didn’t fall in). Do they still make those? The good news is I finally mastered the whole going to the toilet thing.

    Anyway, there’s no big rush. It’ll happen when it’s meant to.

  26. Wanda!!!

    I love your Obama picture over there!! —>

  27. Tell her she can’t watch her new favorite videos unless she goes in the potty!

  28. Hey ladies – I know nothing about successful pottie training tips, but, I can tell you that my favorite drink (other than a really fizzy ice filled Diet Coke straight from the fountain – addict here) is Earl Grey tea from the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf served room temperature! Its wonderful like that!

    How y’all been? I have a lot of catching up on all these blogs of substance and great humor!

  29. FroFro! Always a pleasure my dear!

  30. My mum had the opposite problem when I was little. She wanted to wait until I was 2 but I used to always pull off my nappies so she had to do it a bit earlier.

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