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I’ve been blog stalking this guy for a few months now, I’m sure he’s thinking about getting a restraining order. He’s very clever though.

Recently he posted a YouTube video about My Super Sweet Sixteen. I did a post about that show a while back, but the video says it all so much better than I ever could. I love English people.




  1. Hey Wanda!
    That was great and sums up that show exactly. Love the part about punching Capricorns, is that not what Orlando is, how ironic! Anyway I am off to check out this witty fellows site. Thanks for another entertaining bit:)

  2. Okay so I now see they are not one in the same, oops. Nonetheless thanks for the lead, a new British show to Youtube, ScreenWipe other than Graham Norton.

  3. You mean “party” is NOT a verb? Oh wow!

  4. I can’t watch that clip if it’s about My Super Sweet Sixteen.

    It makes my blood pressure rise and I’m about to go to work. No one needs an angry Daners with a gun.

  5. That ingrate who was crying over the $67K car needs to get drop-kicked right in her ephing chest! Then her folks can get their money’s worth by spending another $67k to repair her collapsed lungs. This is a case where child abuse should be the rule, not the exception. PARENTS BEAT YOUR KIDS ASSES!

  6. Hey Tallulah! Long time no see!

    Daners, it’s OK. The British guy is funny.

  7. Oh my god, he’s funnier than “have i got news for you”… hysterical, “nauseating brats on TV”… he’s expressed so eloquently what I was struggling to describe about that programme, i must you tube him some more….

  8. Wanda if you youtube this guy he’s done lots more funny commentaries – I’ve just laughed my ass off at the X factor one….

    apparently he writes for the Guardian over here, his written column isn’t half bad either!!

  9. I’m a capricorn! I do not like this dude.

    Super Sweet Sixteen is a great show. It makes me grateful I’m not rich.

  10. Better watch out, Wanda. You have a daughter. One of these days she’ll be 16.

    Just a warning. I lived through it myself.


  11. Yes, but did you buy her a $67K car, and did she proceed to tell you that you ruined her life?

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