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Dear Peggy Hill Sarah Palin,

You wish you had as much coolness in your whole body as Ann and Nancy Wilson had in their little pinkies.  (OK, I know Ann isn’t so little anymore, stop being such a sexist!)

You are not worthy of using such an excellent song as “Barracuda”.  May I suggest “Muskrat Love”?  I’m not sure of the Captain and Tenille’s political affiliations but…meh.  They probably don’t like you either.


Not too cool:


Wait, I didn’t mean that. I meant no disrespect to Peggy Hill, I love her!



  1. Dude, she stole Peggy’s glasses. Uncool.

  2. Damn. Those were the days.

  3. I love how no musicians want to be associated with the Repubs’ campaign.

    Well, actually there is always Ted Nugent.

  4. She wishes she were cool enough to be compared to Peggy Hill. However, she is not.

    She also stole Peggy’s hair.

  5. You know, the McCain campaign and its little dog too have had musical cease & desists filed by John Fogerty, John Mellencamp, Jackson Browne, and now Heart. The first three of those are not only vocal Democrats, they all participated in the Vote for Change tour four years ago. Doesn’t McCain believe in vetting ANYTHING?

    Also, I have to say this just to get it out: Palin’s ‘do reminds me of that urban legend about spiders living in a woman’s beehive. What’s she hiding under there, a moose she shot out of season?

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