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I found this article making its way about the internets:

Someone with an ax to grind, no doubt.  I suppose the facts can be verified easily enough.  I’m too lazy though, so have at it and let me know what you find out.

I really can’t stand this woman.  I think I’ll change my tagline.



  1. There’s very little that I find more despicable than book banning.

    In fact, I probably like this woman the most I ever will right now. That’s because everything I learn about her makes me loathe her more.

    She’s perfectly suited to manage a Barnes & Noble, and, having been an ASM at one, let me assure you that’s NOT a compliment. It means she’s not qualified but acts perky and looks good on paper. And “perky” refers to both men and women managers, lest some antifeminist republican accuse ME of sexism.

  2. You know what’s sad Wanda? My own fecking husband thinks she’s hot too! Luckily he can’t vote Repub because he will never get ass in this house again (va-jay-jay and its powers) if he does.
    Women wif hubbies/lovers who may stray to the other side of the political spectrum: with-hold your feminine wiles! We can take this country back!

  3. ^ I meant withold – I am a grammar dash hooker sometimes 😉

  4. Book banning? Really, Sarah Palin? Just throw that freedom of speech right out the window.

    She fired the police chief because he intimidated her. The fuck?

    What I get out of all this is not only is she not qualified to potentially be the top dog, but she couldn’t tell her ass from a hole in the ground. Awesome choice, McCain! Round of applause.

  5. Ha! I like your new tagline Wanda.

    I’m really afraid of Sarah Palin. I read that article again.
    Last night when I read it I was drunk and retarded (see previous comments above).

    How can a person like that be trusted in the White House?
    She is apparently cut-throat and plays dirty. Not endorsing her mother-in-law for mayor? Nice.
    Having a hissy fit when books she finds objectional won’t be removed from the local Library? Priceless.
    How many freedoms will she start chipping away at from day 1 if McCain wins the election?

    I better go to Borders and stock up on all the Classics since I am sure it’ll be illegal to buy/read them in a few years.

  6. Yeah, I’m totally afraid of this woman becoming president.

    Wasn’t there any other qualified woman in the country that he could have picked? What about Condi Rice? Whatever you want to say about her at least she has mad foreign policy experience (Sec. of State, duh) and she’s well educated. Sheesh.

  7. I did! Actually, I heard about it on CNN, but still. Yay!

  8. Actually Wanders, I don’t think they would go for Condi because:

    1. She’s not stupid enough to get on a losing McCain ticket.

    2. She’s African American AND she’s a woman. That’s too many minority barriers being broken there. Gotta pick one or the other. Even some of the most progressive thinking Americans aren’t ready for that kind of change.

  9. Yes, agreed glamma. But she’s QUALIFIED!!!

    Hell, even Ann Coulter is more qualifed than Palin.

  10. I ran that bookstore for a long time in the absence of a general manager — hell, I’M more qualified with “executive experience,” which is the line all the Reps have evidently been force-fed and are spitting back up.

    You’re right about Condi. She’s utterly hateful, but she would’ve been much better than this. Although I guess the book-banning puts her squarely with the rest of her party on the Bill of Rights.

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