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Honest to God, if I wasn’t already married I’d be all over John Stewart.



  1. I have issues with Stewart, but I loved this whole segment. Parade of effin’ hypocrites.

  2. Gahhhh, that’s on my blog too!

    Great television viewers think alike.

  3. Can all the conservative Repubs who hate women, the environment, puppies, nature and real raw beauty please go and form their own fecking country already?!

  4. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. The conservatives are made up of all the kinds of people they are against. These sanctimonious, war-monger jack asses should personally go out and invade N. Korea and see how far that get’s them. They will be sorely missed.

  5. I’ll fight you for Jon.

    I will lose all faith in humanity if McCain/Palin make it into office. But it really won’t surprise me if it happens.

    Of course, it’ll just force me to move to Australia that much sooner

  6. No
    Jon Stewart.

    Thank you, sister Mary Wanda!

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