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I regret to inform you that this image was photoshopped. Not by me, I don’t know who did it. I found it on Jezebel, read it for yourself.  I seem to have Sarah Palin on the brain.  She fascinates me for some reason.  Why am I telling you this?  I just want you to know that I might be posting about her a lot in the days to come.  Sorry about that.  Why am I apologizing?  Because I know you slags hate it when I write about political stuff.  Don’t try to tell me it isn’t true, just look at these interesting stats:

Latest post about Orlando:  615 hits

Latest post about Sarah Palin:  177 hits. 

And that was on a good day.  Still, I’m tired of his dingo.  I took a vow of ignorance, remember?  Somebody go tell him to do a movie and maybe I’ll be inspired again.

The Blogger’s Choice Awards are closing the voting cycle October 1.  Vote for Wanda!  Please?

I have to tell you guys something.  I wish you (“you” meaning my fellow bloggers) would think before you publish.  I have everyone on my Google reader, you see.  Sometimes you guys (a lot of you) publish some really personal shit, think better of it and delete it.  The problem is, once it’s published it stays on the reader and I can still read the whole thing.  It makes me feel like a peeping Tom or something.

Dante starts his new school tomorrow.  His new teacher seems really nice, I hope he likes it there.  I’ll let you know how it all turns out.  Wish us luck.

I really wish I could tell you guys about my Labor Day weekend.  Weekends with the in-laws are always a million laughs and would make great blog fodder.  Unfortunately it would be hugely inappropriate to write about it.  Sorry. 

Until next time.



  1. Oooh – I hope you’re not talking about one of my posts that I deleted! The one about my torrid real life affair with Ben Barnes?! The one that ended with him crying and begging me to leave TN and be with him 4eva? That would suck for realz.

    That picture is hilarious! I ♥ your political posts.:)

    I guess Oral is just easier to swallow for some people. ha!

  2. I will personally try to make up the disparity between the political posts and the Orlando posts, because I like political stuff much better. (BTW, the new David Sedaris book has a piece that centers on a dingo. Sort of.)

    I have reached a point where I couldn’t possibly dislike Sarah Palin any more than I already do without actually meeting her.

  3. Tigereye – I’ve read that new Sedaris book! He’s hilarious. I thought of Wanda and Anners and the rest of the goils when I read the dingo bit. 😉

    Also, Wanda – I don’t know if your kids are into The Wiggles (your little one might be at least) but they have a song called “Little Dingo”! I hear it on sirius radio at least daily on the kids’ station when I am driving my daughter around. I crack up every time I hear it.
    It goes something like: “little dingo, with your paws so white, little dingo…” and then I start laughing and can’t hear the rest of it 🙂

  4. Re: comments, respective to subject matter:

    Quality over quantity anytime, babycakes.

  5. I can’t believe 615 people read about a washed-up has-been and his Dingo girlfriend. You lying!

  6. OMG Ali-ers! You had an affair with Ben Barnes as well? And he cried and begged you to be with him forever too? That sneaky (and unoriginal) little bastard!!

    Wanda the person who photoshopped that picture is a genius. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

    Since I’m trying to ignore that Bloom kid and his pretend dingHo girlfriend I’m choosing not to comment on him.

    Hope Dante enjoys his first day at his new school. I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted September 3, 2008 at 5:20 am
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    I was soo hoping that picture was real. How can they prove it’s not real, by the way? They can’t.

    Wanda, that is helpful information @ Google! Thanks, I’ll think long and hardish before I hit the publish button in the future.

  7. i can believe 615 read about the has-been and the dingo – its like rubber necking a car crash…. and it has international appeal lol..

    BTW they are back in london (Oh Lucky us!)

  8. I was so sad to see this was photoshopped when I saw it on Jezebel, because it seemed so right. So natural. And I was like, yep, that really doesn’t surprise me at all

  9. Since this crazy bytch’s personal biz has been splashed all over the news, I haven’t batted a lash at anything Whorely-related.

    BTW Ali-ers and Joders, Barnesy wasn’t really crying over the two of you. He was just a shell of his former self after I tortured him, “9 1/2 Weeks” style.

  10. Dang, Sissy! I’d settle for a Sarah Palin number of hits . . . maybe I’ll just start putting Orlando’s name in my tags . . . ha.

  11. Maybe you should just make friends with the fangirls.

  12. I think most of us re-visit older posts if we see there are new comments. It’s a vicious cycle!

  13. Wanda, I made friends with the fangirls and yet they don’t read, let alone comment me. I guess I should improve my writing, but it’s not that easy. Not all of us are naturally as talented as you.

  14. Jaded, I’ll have you know that I’m subscribed to your blog. I don’t always comment though because lately my life has been a shambles. Hopefully that’ll improve though.

    But your blog is sorta new. It takes time for you to build a following, trust me on that one.

    Hey slags! Go visit Jaded’s blog!

  15. What!? No Dingo news???

  16. Jaded – I put you on my Google reader! I hope you don’t mind 🙂

    glamma_puss – Benji warned Joders and I you’d say that! I think he is playing us, girl (and I mean you too!).
    Never trust a man who uses Pantene Pro-V! It will only lead to myriad lies and eventual heartbreak!

  17. ^ Joders and me. Not I. Stupid Ben Barnes!
    I hated Hyrise, Ben! I h8ted it!

  18. Jaded: I support your blog whenever I can because you’re so nice and wholesome and I imagine you smell like Snuggle fabric softener.

    Ali-ers: That jerk is definitely trying to play us! Oh well, at least I had him when the oui-oui was still worth something. I taught him everything he knows. Y’all can have him. Sike!

  19. ^ You know I seriously wonder if his oui-oui is circumcised. I’m sure he isn’t coz he’s British and all.

    Sorry for the Ben re-re comments Wanda.

    We can speculate about Oral’s foreskin too!

    Why isn’t this info given out in press releases about them, or like on IMDB?

  20. See Wanda – glamma_puss and I are raking up the hits on your Sarah Palin post.
    That is the real reason we are doing it 😀

  21. I’d really rather not speculate on anyone’s foreskin. And Ben Barnes doesn’t do it for me anyway.

    Hey glamma_puss? Did I ever tell you that Mr. Rizzuto digs your comments?

  22. Tell Mr. Rizutto I said thanks. However I am disappointed in his fascination with Xavier Robert’s love child.

    Ali-ers: Don’t worry, we can fix this. I’ll just mosey on down to Home Depot and get some furniture polish and a sand blaster. He’ll be as smooth as a pebble when I’m done. What, you think there’s only one way to polish somebody’s wood? 😉

  23. glamma_puss: I think you need to start a blog. I bet it’d awesome:) Ben would prolly read it too 😉

  24. I dunno, Ali-ers. What would I blog about? I’m not a gifted writer like all you Blogsworth chicks. Just a pervert with a sense of humor. Who’d want to read “Ha ha ha… Barnsey, ha ha ha… head”? After a while it would get stale and readership would drop.:(

    *cue violins*

  25. I read your blog, Jaded! And I always enjoy reading what you have to say, so I comment when I can. (I’m probably going to get kicked off everyone’s blogs, though, for my political opinions. I promise to be polite and open-minded.)

    Sorry for the cross-conversation, Wanda. To keep it on-topic, I’ll vote for you and your blog!

  26. Wanda – I tried to vote for your blog but the stupid site keeps telling me I didn’t register and I did. Bastards.

  27. I already voted for Wanda. Is once enough? My evil twin won’t register.

    Thanks for all the support you guys! I am twuly touched.

  28. I think I’d rather read the political stuff, too.

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted September 5, 2008 at 6:07 am
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    adfhasjfjshfjjf! Ali-ers @#20 made me laph out loud!

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