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Well, it turns out upstate isn’t quite so bad.

Every morning we wake up and drink our coffee on the porch and look at the mountains.  We do it every evening too, only with wine and not coffee.  There are lots of wineries up here and one is even down the street from the house.  Don’t tell anyone, but mostly we just drink the stuff out of the box.  I can’t tell the difference anyway.  Mr. Rizzuto calls it my maintainance box.

My new house is on about an acre of land, some of it is in actual woods.  Mr. Rizzuto is out there now, he says if he doesn’t come back in about an hour it means a bear got him and I should carry on without him.  And there are bears for shizz, there have been confirmed sightings in a nearby town.  Apparently there was a bear just chilling downtown one day.  I think I’d feel less weirded out if I ran into one of Joders’ kangaroos.  Maybe not.

The kids seem to really like it here.  I’ve already got Dante enrolled in school, drama, improv and (gasp) soccer.  Yes, I am soon to be a bona fide soccer mom, and I haven’t even fallen into a deep depression yet.  I still have to find an activity for Janey.  Beastie that she is, I have to find a way for her to channel her energy.  Unfortunately she’s had a bit of the terrible twos lately so there are already a couple of places around town where I dare not show my face again.  Three places, now that I think about it.  Anyway, there’s a gymnastics school nearby that takes kids as young as 12 months so maybe I’ll make her their problem for a couple of days a week.

You know what I did a few weeks back?  Something I never imagined.  I went to a drive-in movie.  I must say, it was awesome.  It only cost $16 for the whole family.  In NYC we would have paid that much for popcorn alone, no joke.  I think I only paid $3 for popcorn.  They even threw in free balloons for the churdren.  During intermission (yep, we saw TWO movies!) they played real live 50’s music on the radio and showed the commercials that were supposed to have subliminal messages that sent you running to the snack bar.  I don’t really get that though because the commercials were all about the snack bar anyway.  The best part was that since were weren’t in an actual theater the kids could bounce around as much as they wanted and we could tell them to shut their cake-holes without anyone giving us the stink eye.  I hearted the drive-in movie!  I wonder why they don’t really have them anymore.

It isn’t all dorkage here though.  The town of (name withheld) is really liberal and green and what not.  Tomorrow I’m going to a party to watch Barack Obama’s speech.  We’re all going as a matter of fact, so pray that Janey isn’t a closet Republican otherwise we could end up getting run out of town altogether.

OK, this post was a little longer than I thought.  See, I told you my life was boring.  I can’t go around stalking Orly all the time though, now can I?  Remind me next time to tell you about the Blair Witch, our Simpsons collection and poor old Puppy Rizzuto




  1. Sounds nice.

    But if there are bears, I think you should fatten up the insurance on Mr. Rizzuto. It’s best if he leaves you a RICH widow…


  2. Did I miss it or you didn’t tell us if you went back for that dress?

  3. As long as Mr. R. doesn’t wander too far off the beaten path. I have heard tales about mountain women and their wicked ways.

  4. I’m envious Wanda. It sounds to me like you’re living life the way life was meant to be lived. All quiet and peaceful like.

    And listen, those little buggers (the kangaroos) can hop really fast, so if one escapes from the zoo in the city, he’ll be at your new place in no time flat.

  5. Sigh, the thought of sitting on the porch and drink wine is way too romantic. And it’s much to fabulous. I’m jealous.

    I love the drive in, although the last time I went was when Twister was in theaters. And would you believe a damn tornado touched down a few miles away from the drive in during the movie? We only found out about it after we got home. It wasn’t even raining. I miss the midwest

  6. Sissy, don’t forget to remind Mr. R That you need a hammock chair for sitting on the porch. I will send you a link to the guy who made mine, his are deeply awesome. Also they make good nets in case you have to catch a bear.

  7. That drive-in sounds awesome! I am jealous 😦 The drive-in I went to as a kid in Jersey was torn down and made into tract houses.
    Drinking wine on the porch FTW!
    You’re so lucky you have a bunch of wineries up there. I am a winery ho’ – not a wine connoisseur or anything, but a winery ho’. Whenever we are out driving from state to state to visit in-laws (bleh)I always make my husband stop at every winery we pass. He gets mad cuz he has to drive and I get tipsy from all the sampling 🙂

  8. Sampling is awesome Ali-ers!

    Sissy, I haven’t forgotten, but Mr. Rizzuto is worried about haning anything from the porch ceiling. Maybe there’s one that sits on the ground with a pole or something? (Did that make any sense?)

  9. Oh, Jaded, I didn’t buy the dress. I punked out.

  10. anywhere with a lot of wineries gets my vote – sounds lovely – i’d be in there trying to sample everything they had lol…..

  11. Yeah, I absolutely know what you mean, but they tump over. Maybe the beasties could sit in ’em. You can hang this kind from a good tree, too, the guy used to fill his trees with them and everybody would hang out in the chairs, just rotating in the breeze. . .


    Experience the awesomeness, people. . .

    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted August 29, 2008 at 3:12 pm
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    Your new life sounds wonderful, Wanda.

  13. I like these posts best. I hate Orlando posts.

  14. I don’t know what I’m more jealous of, the speech party or the view. Well, the view. I was flattened with a migraine during the speech and couldn’t have partied. But everything sounds wonderful, and until it gets cold up thataway, I kind of wish I was there.

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