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I think we just saw a raccoon in the back yard and I almost shit myself.  They say I’ll also run into a few deer, foxes and possibly bears.  They were even seen on the local college campus (a very big prestigious college I might add).  Oy.

Thank goodness for public libraries and wireless internet, no?  I still have no cable or phone though, so the world could be coming to an end and I wouldn’t know about it. 

How about a little news?  Let me know how you are and that you haven’t forgotten about me.  And if any of you fangirls want to let me know what’s going on with our boyfriend by all means do.  BTW, is it true what they’re saying about my other ugly-hot boyfriend Javier Bardem being in Orly’s new movie?  Be still my heart!




    • Anners Scribonia Caesar
    • Posted August 15, 2008 at 4:50 pm
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    Well Wanda, as you know, my laptop is being a selfish and stubborn bytch. I’ll prob resurface at the same time you will.

    Anyhow, as far as Orly, all I can say at this point in time is that he is hot stuff and not yet officially de-dingoed.

    Raccoons are cute.

  1. Is that like being deloused????

  2. Oh yeah, the dingho planted some bogus-ass story about her purchasing his and hers matching pajamas . Way to help him combat the gay rumors, CPK!

  3. Wanda! I got a new blog. I hope you are loving your house!

  4. Honey, I live just outside of a huge, formerly major, rust belt city, and I can tell you we have raccoons, oppossums, a partridge in a pear tree and I saw a deer cross the road not three miles from here.

    As for Orlando, he’s still not in the news. Doesn’t the man need to make a movie? Sheesh.

  5. This is called nature, Wanda.

    You’ll get used to it. Then you’ll take pictures of it. Then you’ll write stuff about it.

    The only thing new with me is that I have new floors and we’re starting work on turning the milkhouse into a guest cottage today.

    Oh. I got some new shoes, too.

  6. Remind me to post the picture of a raccoon that came into our house! They used to hang out in the back yard, eating and drinking from the cat’s dish. One night, the kids stood at the back door watching them and left the door open when they came in to get some bread for them and when they turned around, there was a raccoon, inside the house, waiting for food!

  7. Ina,
    Reminds me a bit of Madagascar 🙂
    “Nature! It’s all over me! Get it off!”

    Corina, your story reminds me of Over The Hedge. 🙂 “Animals are in da’ house!”

    Unfortunately I never met any raccoons. Bats, birds, voles, hedgehogs, squirrels and one time a small fox.

  8. Raccoons are tasty, if properly prepared. Maybe your should buy a bow and arrow?

    Orly has a new movie? Is it direct-to-dvd?

  9. I hate the wilderness. Don’t get me wrong – I love nature. Just from a safe distance 😉
    When we lived in AK we had a lot of moose running around all over. They were cool to see, but again – from a distance. Otherwise they were scary and quite a few people got into accidents hitting and/or trying to avoid hitting moose.

    I wonder if the bears, raccoons, foxes and deer got scholarships to the college or do you think they had to pay full tuition?

  10. Cool, a raccoon!

    My relatives live in semi rural MA. Their neighbours took a photo for their family Christmas Card a few years back and when they got the cards from the printer they damn near peed their pants. Standing behind them, at the edge of the woods, was a very large bear, standing upright and looking kinda amused at these people dressed in their winter woollies.

    Deers are cute. I saw a fawn at the reservoir near to my nephews house. I also took multiple photos.

    I also saw the story about the dingo buying matching his n hers striped pyjamas. Hers in pink, his in blue. It must be true because the girls at OLove think it’s a cute story and all cute Orly stories are true.

    Javier is apparently in talks to take a role in Whorelando’s new film. Whorelando himself has supposedly been spotted at a coffee shop in NYC (this was reported on Gawker Stalker – I don’t even know who or what Gawker Stalker is).

    And Whorelando appeared to be out of sorts when he was spotted at the airport in Sarajevo waiting for his flight back to the US. Seemingly he wasn’t pleased to be leaving and having to go to NYC. He mentioned about some contractual meeting in NY. Maybe for NY I Love You? Maybe for more love fest photos with the dingHo?

    That’s all I’ve got.

    Seen any more raccoons?

  11. raccoons lol….. thats what my eyes look like after a week at work 😀

    The dingo has been buying matching pajamas for her and whorlando……. pure class – apparently hers are pink and stripey and his are blue and stripey…… this scintillating scoop was picked up by a suprised journalist visit to the dingo shop in question……. and before you ask – of course its not a set up……MUCH!!

  12. Sissy, if you kill any critters, make sure it’s not a cat. I mean, I’m pretty sure you can tell a bear from a cat, but raccoons, well. . . And we had raccoons in our garage/attic, in Houston. Three of them. Check the soffit vents on your new house and make sure they’re secure, ‘kay? ’cause you do not want critters in your attic.

    Ina! Brainstorm — Murphy bed! Tempurpedic-type mattress! Almost a ship’s cabin kind of feel, are you digging me?

  13. I opened my back door the other night without flipping on the outside light first. Thought I was letting my cat in. Nope, it was the possum. I HATE those rat tails. Maybe I’ll name it RandaMay.

    Saw Vicky Christina Barcelona today. Movie sucked. Javier was kinda creepy but I’d still hit it.

  14. Hey guys,

    No more animals yet, but we’ve only been here a minute.

    Joders, Mr. Rizzuto and I were actually talking about your kangaroo story the other day. He can’t believe your reaction to the squirrels. I’m laughing at the bear story though.

    Stevo, it actually looks like it might be a decent movie. Maybe one of the fangirls can provide a link.

  15. Don’t worry; raccoons only have rabies a little bit.

  16. a little bit.

    Reminds me of a teacher that went for his medical and was told he had, “a little bit of Aids.” He wasn’t to worry, it was just a little bit.

  17. Raccoons are little darling clean things, always washing their hands. I approve of their fastidious little selves. Bears, not so much.

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