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  1. Start a blog about how pissed off you are that Hillary Clinton lost the primary.
  2. Offer no real solutions, just make sure you talk about how much Barack Obama sucks.
  3. Write posts and tell people you’re only 18, they’ll think you’re smarter.
  4. Get three of your friends Get five of your friends to leave lots of comments.  Make sure they use different user names so it’ll look like a lot of different people.
  5. Use words like “presumptuous nominee” and “Obamabots”.
  6. Accuse said “Obamabots” of caring enough about you to hack into your blog.  Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you.
  7. IMPORTANT:  do not tolerate dissent.  Immediately delete any comments that are not fawning, glowing, or supportive.
  8. For further inspiration, click here.

(FYI, I’ve been eyeballing this blog for several weeks now.  A couple of days ago, and much to my absolute shock, I left a comment which was promptly deleted.  Here’s the comment, you tell me if it was over-the-top:

“Sexism cuts both ways, doesn’t it?  One could argue that that picture up there is pretty damn sexist.

I don’t understand your vitriol.  I get it, you don’t like Obama, but posts like these are way over the top.

Hillary put up a good fight, but it’s over.  And CGI crowds?  Please.  People like Obama, get over it and move on.”)



  1. Good one! go to a site called and enter the blog you’re talking about. Looks like a lot more than 3 people to me! Yours….not so much. ta ta!!!

  2. There’s a site called You don’t say!

    I’ll let your comment live haha, just because I’m cool like that.

  3. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t. after all, you imply that they inflate their numbers, and I’m only pointing out how utterly ridiculous your claim is. That makes you a liar or a fool. which is it?

  4. Did I hit a nerve there, haha?

    Have a great day, I won’t be arguing with you.

  5. none should even pay attention that “haha”. oh ,ok , already already. ill say something.

    “shit off! you silly bitch”
    that’s all i have to say.

  6. to that*

  7. jajajja what is wrong with me? i cantwrite!


    but i keep the “shit off silly bitch”.

  8. Hi Konst! You know what though, maybe she’s right.

    I’m sorry for being so presumptuous haha. I’ve already edited point #4.


    • Anners the Sea Hag
    • Posted August 3, 2008 at 10:38 pm
    • Permalink
    • Reply

    haha! (I’m actually laughing, not referencing the idiot that goes by ‘haha’)

    That was fast, Wanda. You link a dumbass and they’re on your blog in like 10 seconds these days. Also, those were two tempting options you were given. Liar or fool… eenie meenie miney mo…

    How lame for your comment to get deleted, though.

  9. One of the many things I love about you is your ability to ruffle turkey feathers. 😉

    Never have liked the “sour grapes” approach, even when my side does it.

  10. I can’t believe you’re giving them the traffic by linking. I’m not clicking the links. They feed on the attention.

  11. It seems like her blog has one purpose and one purpose only. It has room for one voice only, too. What a pity. Or more appropriartely, how pitiful.

  12. I love the tip about telling people you’re 18. Although I’m going for 13 (my grammar will let me get away with it).

    “haha” is a snippy little bitch. I liked Hilary too but I can’t say I really cared one way or the other. Essentially they’re on the same team and have similar policies – complain about McCain if you must.

    Democracy only works if everyone gets their say. Censoring other people’s political views is not something I’d expect from a Democrat supporter. Grow up a little.

  13. Ms. Elephant, they’re not on your side, not officially anyway. They’re disgruntled democrats. That’s the story anyway.

  14. People should definitely move on. It’s over with, why bitch about it?

    Janers, you are very intelligent for a 13 year old. 😉

  15. Yeah, I’ll believe they’re disgruntled Dems when I believe there were WMD in Iraq.

    I know three Democrats who dislike Obama enough to not vote for him (at this point, anyway), and not one of them has been nasty about it, created a site solely to vilify the man according to the day’s assigned Republican talking points, or even been vocal about it. I’m not sure if the creature who robbed the nickname of a perfectly good Tolkien character sincerely supported Clinton — or sincerely did anything in her purportedly short life — but I know from my experience as a lifelong campaign-working Democrat when someone’s out to yank a few strings. Also, I’ve never met a Dem, Clinton or Obama or even Dukakis fan, who would run from an argument by deleting comments that don’t fall into lockstep with them. Cowardice is a sign of immaturity, insincerity, and a basic lack of understanding of how this country works. The blog in question fits this profile perfectly.

    Good job, Wanda, and you know I’d disagree with you if it wasn’t.

  16. I wonder if I can get away with telling people I’m ten?

  17. Hey, on the internet, people have no idea if you’re a phony.

    Which is what this person is clearly relying on.

  18. I’m eight! A very precocious eight. Everyone tell me how smart I am! NOW!

  19. And another thing about Gather… wait? Where am I?

  20. What’s Gather?

  21. I think this puts an appropriate face on the whole idiocy, and bear in mind I’m not into Dowd any more because of the way she reacted to Clinton all the way through the primaries:

    It should also be noted, however, that I am not an idiot,
    “And that has made all the difference.”

  22. Ha!

    Looks like your last comment got deleted Tigereye.

  23. I’m not surprised. I don’t goose-step very well.

  24. That girl’s site gave me a headache.
    I need to lay down now 😦

  25. I will be 5 years old in October.

  26. I’m a zygote!

  27. And I haven’t been conceived yet.

    Is this junior einstein one of those MENSA members who are gonna vote for McCain rather than vote for the other Democrat candidate because the other Democrat candidate is Obama?

    Or even better, maybe she won’t vote at all.

  28. That about sums it up Joders.

  29. Politics is fun, no?

  30. Ha, Aliers a zygote!

    Also, Sisiter Mary, this is brazilliant. And that poor misguided child’s site made me want to bash my head against a wall.

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