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OK, I totally stole that title from Anners.  I steal everything from Anners because she’s brilliant.  That’s why I make fun of her a lot, it’s jealousy.

Anyway, I’m posting pictures from my super-secret internet group’s convention.  See if you can match the body parts with the blog.







(Answers:  Tigereye, Pandemonic, Wanda, Little Fluffy Cat, JoJo)



  1. I know them all so it’s not fair! 😉

  2. Wanda, these are obviously all you.

    You flatter me unduly, BTW. If I was half as brazilliant as you I would consider myself lucky.

  3. Wow, that phoenix tattoo rox!

  4. I can’t play. I took the pictures.

    Where’s the pictures of my feet from someone else’s blog?

    I feel so left out.

    It’s because I’m fat, isn’t it. 😉

  5. Because of your fat feet, yes.

  6. Hee hee hee… all I’ll say is I really like one of those pictures…

  7. Hey Wanda, I haz a blog too, wanna see?

  8. Oh! Yay for you! I’ll go have a lookee.

  9. Is it because I’m white?

  10. No, it’s because I’m black. That made no sense.

  11. That’s a really fat ass.

  12. Pan could be bitch slapped for that.

  13. Or eaten.

    Wait, was she talking about my ass?

  14. Oh wow, I feel so in the loop, we should have a secret handshake or something!

  15. That is a really fine azz!

  16. I clicked on the pics and cheated. I suck at games as I always manage to cheat.

  17. We really need to have a typHo (or whatever we want to call ourselves) convention.

  18. That tattoo is awesome.

  19. Totally Joders! Except that we couldn’t possibly live farther away from each other, unless one of us moved to the moon.

    I’d love to come to Oz, but I don’t think it’s in my budget this year.

  20. See! You wanted to use a pic of my earlobe, I told you the tat was way cooler.

  21. Now that I started blogging, should I send you a photo of my butt too? 😀

  22. Please do Jaded! That reminds me, I have to add you to my RSS.

    BTW, I’m boycotting the messboards until Orly learns how to act. I trust you’ll tell me if there’s anything I need to know.

  23. Of course I meant when he learns how to behave. I’m not holding my breath waiting for his acting skills to improve.

  24. My travel budget for this year is zippo too Wanda, don’t worry. Maybe next year we can meet halfway?

    I’m not sending you a pic of my butt. I’m all for a secret handshake or a code word or something similar, but I draw the line at my butt.

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