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So.  This weekend my super-secret internet group had it’s first annual convention.  Did you know that I had a super-secret internet group?  Well, I do.  Some of the members comment here pretty frequently and have their own blogs.  I can’t tell you who they are though because I don’t have permission.  I’m working on that.

Anyway, we all met on another sucky website and when we defected we set up shop on our own little corner of the internet.  This weekend a bunch of us met and got pretty drunk-ass.  Well, I did anyway.   There was even drunken karaoke but you can forget about ever seeing that video.  I can’t tell you where we were though because that was also a secret.  (All this cloak and dagger stuff is really difficult.  How does the Bilderburg Group do it?)

I have pictures, but I can’t post them.  You know why?  Because our identities are secret.  I might post some body part pictures though, stay tuned.

In other news, I had a really strange dream last night.  Musta been acute alcohol poisoning or something.  In my dream Mr. Rizzuto’s nephew was getting married.  We were at the at the reception, which was at some Disney-themed place or other.  All the Disney characters were doing some sort of choreographed line dance…no, wait!  They were doing the Hustle!  That was it!  They were all doing the Hustle.  Captain Hook was in the front.  He had an aluminum peg leg and every time he stomped with his aluminum peg leg it made a funny noise.  Kinda like someone with an aluminum peg leg doing the Hustle.  He had a really serious expression and everything.

Why am I telling you this?  Because when I remembered it earlier it actually made me laugh.  Do you think this dream means I’m crazy?



  1. Oh, yeah, Baby… you’re crazy. But we didn’t need the dream to tell us that.

  2. Is the term “Peg Leg” considered PC?

  3. I feel left out. 😦

  4. I hit the submit button too soon! I mean to comment on your wackdaddy dream… yes, it means you are crazy. Duh.

  5. I know you’re crazy. I just met you.

    There. It’s out. I was at the super-secret internet group convention, too. Go ahead. Tell them it was at my house. I double dog dare you.

  6. Aw, don’t feel left out Anners! We loves you! Check your e-mail by the ways.

    Hey Ina, why don’t you invite Anners over for dinner?

    And I’m not crazy.

  7. Remember, I have the credentials to diagnose.

    You’re crazy.

    Invite someone for dinner? See how crazy you are? Did you notice who did all of the cooking this weekend?

  8. I wasn’t there, but I saw the video. Drunken karaoke. Niiiiiice. So, you don’t want to go to rehab?

  9. No, no I don’t.

    Ina, you can order in. I’m sure Anners isn’t picky.

  10. ‘course she’s not, she’s into Orlando. 😉

  11. I think we should have the next one in Australia. 1. I’ve always wanted to go there and 2. We can bother our Australian friends.

  12. Good idea! Except we don’t have any Austrailians in the super-secret group. We’d have to induct Joders and Janers.

  13. I’d invite y’all here, but I love you all too much to inflict an SC summer on you. It was 101 degrees when I blazed back into town.

    Yes, I’m a member of the Secret Society. I even sang “Rehab” during drunk-ass karaoke. Well, “sang” might be pushing it…

  14. I can cook, Ina! All I cook is Italian food, though.

    And the little fluffy cat thinks it’s okay to make cracks about Orlando! It’s not okay! Wanda, you’re going to let that slip by?!

  15. Certainly not Anners.

    Little Fluffy Cat, the girl who routinely says that Orlando has a 2″ oui oui wants me to tell you not to make fun of Orlando.

  16. I’m kind of looking forward to some body part pictures but I’m glad I was not at this convention because some of my body parts would wind up pictured and my secret would no longer be a secret.

  17. Quill! Did you see the videos?

  18. Quill, some of our body parts look significantly better than others.

  19. Of course “peg-leg” isn’t p.c.- but who cares, none of us were very pc anyway. And besides- a pegleg can’t sue you for saying it- he doesn’t have a leg to stand on! Hahahahahahaha!
    There’s an inside joke to be found here.

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