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Yesterday I said I was going on a hunger strike until Orlando broke up with his dingo.  Today I read this article.  Who says he doesn’t read my blog!

I’m so glad you’re concerned with my well being Orlando!  And just to show you there are no hard feelings I ate a hamburger deluxe for lunch.  Oh, and Mr. Rizzuto?  You can sleep in the house again.

BTW folks, in case you were wondering, I don’t really believe what I read in the tabloids.  But in case the story is true, just have a lookee at the kind of person the dingo is supposed to have hooked up with:



  1. so……shes available?

  2. Seriously? If this is true–and I’m sort of hoping it is–then the Dingo must be absolutely crazy to trade in Orlando for Brandon friggin’ Davis. He’s disgusting. I’m happy that you were able to eat a hamburger deluxe though!

    Oh, and Europe was lovely, thanks for asking. I happened to get stuck in Italy during their transportation strike, which wasn’t too fun, but things were otherwise great. Your blog was sorely missed!

  3. I don’t know if it’s true or not Vy. Word is that it’s on the front page of InTouch Weekly.

    I really have to stop going to the messboards.

  4. LOL, Mr. Rizzuto!

  5. Don’t encourage him Jaded.

  6. No! You can’t stop going to the messboards, Wanda! They provide too much amusement (and in this case, even hope and an end to your hunger strike).

  7. I thought Mr. R would have better taste.

  8. There’s no accounting for taste, is there Stevo?

    I just realized something…does this mean that Orlando and this Brandon Davis character were swimming in the same pool?

    EW EW EWWWWW!!!!

  9. That’s a sign of true friendship. Or deviance.

  10. Ha! Swimming in the same pool!

    This break-up talk is just more dingo-generated publicity, Wanda. Now the paps will start following them around without being paid to.

    Yes, I have deep personal issues…

    Mr. Rizzuto is clearly a fan of pain…

  11. Oh great powerful Wanda, please, can you make Whorely hot again?

  12. I say men who lust after freakishly skinny women are enemies of the sisterhood! – sort of.

  13. I as big a fan of non-underwear models as the next guy, but theyre not going to convince me that actual underwear models are gross.(freakish maybe, but isnt that the idea?)

  14. She’s very stunning.

  15. Mr.R.: I’ll ask my hubby to discuss this topic with you. While he has nothing against undie models in general, he’s totally anti-dingo, as he says she has such a weird face that her slightly-above-average body is not enough to compensate. Just his opinion, not trying to actually convince anyone.

  16. Underwear models usually have more meat on their bones than the fashion ones but the dingo is still pretty scrawny.

    She used to have a really pretty face but either VS puts too much whore paint on her or she’s had some type of surgery since her overseas success.

  17. I think she only turn buddhist because of Orlando Bloom.

    So, Miranda and Orlando are on and off. I wonder when will they stay off? And I read somewhere that Orlando is looking for true love. If he’s dating a model he’s going to have a hard time looking for true love. Being in showbiz everything seems superficial.

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