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What’s wrong with you people anyway?  Did you not notice that I have been nominated for Best Humor Blog and Hottest Mommy Blogger?  Well, didn’t you?  Then why do I only have like 3 votes?

I guess you all think it’s easy coming up with this shit a few times a week.  That’s what you think, isn’t it?  Well, it’s not easy.  It’s very hard walking the line between self-depricating humor and full-blown craziness.  So how about some love?  Just click on the gd links you lazy bitches!  I’M LOOKING AT YOU JUST JARED AND DELPHI SLAGS!  I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE READING THIS SHIT! 


I’m terribly sorry.  I’ve had a rough month.



  1. (((Sissy))) I’ma go check and make sure I voted. Rough months are the pits.

  2. I think you did already Sissy. You were one of the three.

  3. Link a sister up. You can’t expect me to find this on my own, do you? I can barely type!

  4. Can you turn your eyes slightly to the right? THE BUTTONS ARE RIGHT THERE!

    I screamed again, didn’t I?

  5. I voted.

  6. You nominated!

  7. Sorry, I never pay any attention to the stuff on the right, but I did go jump through all the little hoops and vote for you.

    Sometimes you just need to make a little noise. 😉

  8. I’ve returned from my travels and it seems just in time…you’ve got my votes, Wanda!

  9. HAhahah! The ad on the right…

    “Dingo Boots Big Sale
    Incredible Dingo Boots at Very Low Prices, Many Brand New Styles!

    * and I voted, so shut your face.

  10. Wanda, I foolishly thought that voting had closed. I’ve now mended the error of my ways and I’ve cast my vote. For you of course.

  11. I’m going! I’m going! Stop yelling at me!

  12. OK. I can’t do it. It won’t let me sign up. I jumped through all the damn hoops and it keeps telling me my birthday is invalid. WTF? I’m entering mm/dd/yyyy and it keeps telling me what a dumbass I am and to do it over.

    I tried, Wanda. I really tried.

  13. Oh, damn. I see them now. I never look over there! HONEST!

  14. What happened to my comment?

    I was asking Vy how Europe was. And I was saying I need more votes, and should I pimp myself on the messboards?

  15. Soz hun, I thought those were last year noms so I didn’t bother to register then. I did now and I cast my vote! Satisfied? And you can say whatever you like about the Dingo, but one thing she is good at is shameless self-marketing. Beat her at her own game, girl!

  16. My comment got eaten again.

    Thanks for the vote Jaded, maybe I’ll make an appearance over there.

  17. I voted for you ages ago. Even though I was nominated. Stop your fucking whining.

  18. I loves you Jacks!

  19. You know, now that all y’all are signed up and everything, you could go vote for Wanda’s beloved conjoined triplets as well. I’m just sayin’.

  20. I voted for you too, Other Whiny Triplet. Sheesh, what I have to put up with, being stuck between the two of you…

  21. Because.

  22. Oh, sorry. I thought you said “why do I have to be stuck between the two of you.”

  23. It’s not just for *anyone* I’ll go through these stinking registration hoop-jumps in order to cast a vote…

  24. .. but for you, it’s worth it. Maybe you need to announce this in a few more places, though.

  25. linkage?

  26. Janers, the linkage to the voting is at the buttons, and the linkage to the other two thirds of the Triplets of Terror is on our name-thingies when we comment. And since I’se a simple and adorable fluffy creature, my button’s at the top left. Thankee! 😀 Pretty sure Jackster’s hit hers. Or maybe not. I forget…

  27. I voted for ya’ (insert smiley face)

  28. Thanks Pegs!

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