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So Tigereye pointed me to a post on Jezebel. It seems that some douchbag made a T-shirt that said “I’m anti-abortion but pro-date rape.” They were actually selling them on Amazon. I was all ready to fire off an angry post, but it looks like Amazon saw the error of its ways and took the link down.  Now I have nothing to blog about.

Instead I think I’ll post this YouTube video of What’s Happening.  Tigereye’s boyfriend Johnno thought the Doobie Brothers appeared on Sanford and Son.  As if.  Tigereye is right to be embarassed Johnno.



  1. I remember this episode! I wonder if I must have seen it as a rerun?
    Ha! I said Rerun!
    I didn’t know he died in 2003. I just found that out today. No one told me – it’s a conspiracy!

  2. Is that t-shirt making a statement about the judicial system? Whatevs, still creepy.

    haha. Doobie bros on what’s happening FTW!!!

  3. Wow, there goes JohnO’s reputation with me…

  4. I will have nightmares about that hair. And Rerun’s beret.

  5. Not only did I email, I called them, and the woman (!) I spoke to was almost as horrified as I was. I’m still closing my account with them, though.

    God, does that ever take me back. Not only to when “What’s Happening” was on TV, but back to when the Doobie Brothers were popular.

  6. i wonder how amazon can do such a dreadful mistake.

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