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I’m starting to think Orlando’s never going to call me.  I know, it’s crazy.

The fangirls over at JJ seem to think that Orlando, or more specifically, his dingo girlfriend are trolling the internet reading all the nasty things people are saying about them.  I don’t really know if that’s true.  Dont’ be shocked, but some of the fangirls are kinda nutty.

Here’s the thing.  I pay very careful attention to who’s visiting my blog.  I can tell who was here, what time they were here and where they came from.  If Orlando was out there Googling himself he would have found me by now, and I’ve never seen any visitors that look like they might be him.  A few times I thought he might have peeked in but I changed my mind.

I wonder if Orlando really did look at this blog would he know it’s all a big joke?  Or would he think I was seriously unhinged and get a restraining order or something?  OK, it’s not all a joke.  I really do think he’s hot, but I didn’t mean all the gay jokes.  Not really.  Even if he is gay I don’t care.

I can’t decide if the fangirls are right.  Supposedly there’s evidence, but I’ve never seen it and I’m too lazy to look for it.  I try not to get too involved in all the fan drama anyway, except every now and then I have to make a stupid comment.  It’s funny, all the fangirls seem to have split into two factions.  One side loves him no matter how un-hot he looks or who he shags.  The other side hates the fact that he seems to have become a media whore and they blame the dingo.  They set up a whole new message board just to talk about this stuff.  Actually I think they did it because JJ was taking to long to load with all the anti-dingo comments, but they’ve been branded a hate-board because they won’t support the team.

I’m really to old for all this mess, aren’t I?  I can’t help it though, it’s so fascinating.  I guess when I officially choose a side it’ll be time to cut off my internet access.

Anyway, I need some new ideas to get Orly’s attention.  Maybe I should ask the fangirls?



  1. I was over at JJ the other night reading the comments (I only lurk). One of the comments made me sit up and take notice not because of the comment but because of what the commenter called MK. I’ve seen her called “the model”, the cabbage”, “the cabbage patch kid” and all the other derivations, but I’ve never seen her called “the dingo” except in our circle. So imagine my surprise when this commenter called her the dingo in the comment. It was either one of us (not me, I promise) or our lingo is starting to catch on across the internet. Or maybe it was one of the hateboarders? Where is this hateboard?

    As for new ideas to get Orly’s attention? I’ve got none. And I’d only ask the fangirls if you want to be classified at certifiable. I think most them make their comments from the safety of their padded cells, dressed in their nice comfy straight jackets. They probably type with their tongue.

  2. Ha. Even I started calling her a dingo.

    Wanda, just love the enverment, I’m sure that’s enough for Orlando.

  3. Maybe you’re right Jennifer.

    Joders, I did notice that a couple of people referred to that video as “the bigfoot video”, and that was something I made up. Someone put up a link to this blog over there, and I’m pretty sure they know about Kate Blogsworth too. Yours too, maybe.

  4. Here’s the other message board:

  5. Wanda: Starting a gay dating site might get Orly’s attention.

    Yes, Me Bad.

  6. Stevo, that was so wrong of you!

    Wanda, did you link me on the delphi forums cabbage thread? What the hell is that? They are sending 150+ people a day to Blogsworth…

  7. Wow! We should try calling her a new name and see if it catches on. Like kanagroo teets. You think that would work?

  8. I meant teat. Also, doesn’t Jaded post on both JJ and here and KateBlogsworth? She might be the missing link.

  9. I prefer Wallaby Toes as an alternative, but kangaroo teats is good.

    Usually Jaded logs in as Jaded or something very similar, but it’s a possibility I didn’t consider.

    • Daners Isadora a.k.a. Busty St. Clair
    • Posted July 2, 2008 at 6:10 am
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    Stevo, that was so awesome of you!! Sorry Anners, but it was.


    Also, Wanda, I can haz password please?

  10. Check your e-mail Daners.

    Anners, I didn’t link anybody anywhere. I keep telling you you’re famous! I did notice a marked increase in traffic since I was linked from JJ. It wasn’t Jaded that linked me though, it was Fro Fro.

  11. Oh, Stevo, you get a timeout for that crack.

  12. I’m trying to boost your results in Google for the keywords “Orlando Bloom Gay.”

  13. You think my blog doesn’t already come up when you type that?

  14. LOL, suddenly I’m the missing link? LMSAO! I don’t recall mentioning Blogsworth on delphi or anywhere else, but I might have. Dunno for sure. Is that a problem?

    And yeah, I always post as something starting with Jaded, like Jadedme on IMDb.

  15. Hi Jaded! It’s never a problem for me, I always appreciate the linkage. Can’t speak for Anners though. You’re the only one from the mess boards that comments regularly on our blogs, that’s probably why your name came up.

    I think if anyone Googles Orlando on a regular basis they’re bound to come up with our pages sooner or later.

  16. I love that idea of Orlando googling himself. I can see it now. Perhaps he types with one hand and googles himself with the other. I think that’s how all the pervs do it…

    Oh! You said GOOGLE, not DIDDLE… My bad… 🙂

  17. Hey, I’m always willing to help. I hereby volunteer to take Viggo on a double date with you and Orly. You know, so the guys don’t feel stalked or harassed or anything similarly negative. No, no, don’t thank me — it’s a sacrifice I’m quite willing to make. Anything for a friend!

  18. You guys are real pals.

  19. Jaded being the missing link FTW!!! 🙂

    Hey Jaded! I don’t mind! I just get surprised sometimes. I read the delphi forum thing. Someone said that I was kinda mean to Orlando… don’t they see that I’m in love with the man and that it is the dingo that is making me bitter?!

  20. They talked about you on the forum? Linkage! Linkage!

  21. Anners, it’s not their fault, all the loony JJ people drove us paranoid, especially the weirdo with the blue nickname, who, while writing his comment, always carefully avoided using capital letters, punctuation, spell check, logic and reason. After a few weeks of reading his/her words, you too would have a couple screws loose, and we’ve been there since x-mas!

  22. BTW I’m seriously considering changing my name to Missing Link. 🙂
    Got it!
    Missing Link will be my evil twin.
    MWAAAHHHAHAHAAA! <- evil laughter

  23. Jaded: You should change your name to The Jaded Missing Link. Ok maybe not! By the way what you just wrote about the blue nickname person was super hilarious! “. . . who, while writing his comment, always carefully avoided using capital letters, punctuation, spell check, logic and reason.”

    Wanda, here’s the link:

    Here’s the quote:

    “I know that site is pro Kate, im ok with Kate not her biggest fan but im cool with her, I like the fact how other poeple on that site dont praise Kerr like she wants they are free to say what they want about Miranda, it’s nice to see that we arent the only ones that can see through Miranda’s fake cute coy bs act she tries to fool to the world. But I dont like how they always rag on Orlando, even though a lot of the way he is acting now is foolish and tacky but I think deep down inside I think he is a real good man and good actor.”

    Jajajajja. 🙂

  24. The evil twin struck Blogsworth!

  25. Anners, you’re pro KB? And we rag on Orlando? Doesn’t anyone have a gd sense of humor?

    Hey Jaded, why don’t you go over there and tell them how awesome we are? And tell them not to be afraid to click on the Google ads. 😛

  26. Dingho isn’t a term of endearment? She’s our dingo, after all. If I didn’t find it all so fascinating I’d ignore them.

    I’ve gotta quit JJ though, that place just sucks the brain cells out of me and makes me cranky. Do they have any posters, any at all, who know the difference between their and there????? Well, besides Wanda who showed up there as one of the “blue” people one day and made me laugh.

    I had hopes for Delphi, but it’s quickly dumbing down, too.

    So, I’m tired of the haters, want to strangle the shippers. That leaves me here, or with the tin-hatters. With the tin-hatters Orli isn’t with the dingho and is getting some from the eternally uber-hot Viggo on a regular basis.

    If I were Orlando Bloom, I’d definitely hang here cuz the alternatives are dismal. Damn, he needs to go to work on something other than this fauxmance.

  27. Dingo is such a term of endearment. Okay, not so much!

    SadieJo go to Joders’ blog. She’s writing a story about us saving Orlando from Mirandingo. It’s hilarious.

  28. Thanks for the link. I’m off to bug Joders.

  29. even i started her calling a dingo .

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